Thief Caught Social Engineering Cellular Providers to Steal SIM Cards for Port Out Scam


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Apr 10, 2003
A thief was caught using social engineering on employees of cellular providers to trick them into SIM swapping a victim's cellular account to a new SIM card. This is known as a "port out scam." After that the brazen thief could take control of the person's life as his Gmail and other accounts were all tied to that phone. Joel Ortiz and other from the OGUSERS hacking group then manipulated the victim's cryptocurrency accounts and stole millions in Bitcoin and other currencies. After being caught because of taking selfies holding his real ID card, Ortiz is confessing all to the police.

Multiple sources said Ortiz's account on OGUSERS was "J." That user was recently banned from the forum. In another forum thread titled "everyone is gone," users complained that after Motherboard published an investigation into SIM swapping that included information about OGUSERS, many members left. According to sources who frequent the forum, the site administrators have banned several accounts of known SIM swappers after Motherboard's investigation into the forum.
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Why worry about someone else fingering you during a heist when you'll just do it yourself?

Idiot. it me or could this also be used by state actors for nefarious purposes? Hijack legitimate US cellular accounts and then use them as part of a telephone campaign to push the sort of political nonsense that's been flourishing on Facebook?

We've got to get a better handle on our technology.