Thermaltake Core P3 – A Different Kind of Build

Mar 11, 2018
used to build computers in the 90s but then work got in the way so from the early 2000s til just recently I bought off the shelf units for productivity work and some light gaming.

When my most recent HP AOI died and I bought a simple economy gaming computer to replace it but I had to migrate the guts over to a slim line mid case which meant I had to do some research and I discovered a whole new world of case modding, which reignited my desire to build.

After looking at builds all over the net I decided I wanted to do something different.

A lot of builds concentrate on the cooling system or some extravagant themed case.

I wanted to showcase the actual hardware and I wanted to do it in a balanced minimalist way with the MB and GPU on the front and the power supply and liquid cooling system on the back

I started with a Thermaltake Core P3 Chassis


To make this work I had to rotate the chassis 90 degrees and use the back as the front which required a lot of internal and external modifications to the metal chassis

Core%20P3%20004_zpsoowvalwn.jpg P3 003_zpsttkukeow.jpg.html

Final Assembly has begun

Core%20P3%20005_zpsi4190z9s.jpg P3 003_zpsttkukeow.jpg.html


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It does look better that way. I've never cared for the way the PCI-e cards are mounted in that case. Clean mod, I like it.
Because of the radical placement of the power supply relative to the mother board I need to shorten one of my power supply harnesses

I was able to route the ATX and VGA power harnesses without modification but I had to shorten the Mother Board Harness

All of my cables will be hidden so there was no reason to order a custom shortened harness so I ordered the tools and supplies to do it myself.

Here are some videos that describe the process

I worked on the extra illuminated IO cover for the right side this week end

Due to the different orientation I had to de-solder the factory wire that connected both covers and then solder a new longer wire in it’s place

You can also see the 3-D printed bracket parts required to make it work with the right side of the mother board

I still need to solder a jumper wire to the left cover so I can connect them in parallel that way they will be have equal illumination.





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I finished the first stage of my build


I’m still waiting on the 3.5” monitor for the PCI-E Slot Area and I have to fabricate a fan mount for the top but it is far enough along that I can mount it in my cabinet and make it my primary computer

Here are some other assembly pictures

That turned out well. I couldn’t see the vision at first - but I like the final product.
While I love the idea of the monitor (I'm assuming for temps/voltages), I think the monitor glow detracts from the finished product. You have some really excellent balance with the lighting, and I love that you showcased the components, but I'm not in love with the monitor (at least, not in photos).

Cheers on the novel build!