The World's Worst Datacenter

I invite you to stand outside a coal power plant watching how much pollutants it spews into the air you breathe....

then realize, it takes 30 of them just to power people folding... how many cures has folding blessed us with ?

so far, it has done more bad than good.

Thankfully, my local power plant is nuclear. BITCH! WHAT NOW?!

that said, have you read any of the papers that Folding@Home has published? As a Biomolecular Engineer, I can tell you that strides have indeed been made.

That said, have you had anyone close to you die of cancer? I've had a few, it really changes your perspective on things.
I think folding is a good thing!

just not dedicated folding systems.

(and before people play the "Have you ever had...." card. Yes I have had two Uncles die of cancer and I think pollution is one of the key ingredients)
Guess, you wouldn't understand people are sometimes altruistic.


I understand altruistic just fine. That is nothing short of a MAJOR fire hazard and waste of space and energy.

While you all are feeling genuinely altruistic with your PCs, go here and cast your vote.
FIRST and foremost, do we know for a fact that this is a dedicated folding setup :rolleyes: