The strangest hanging problem. Motherboard? Ram? Power?


Limp Gawd
Jul 10, 2004

The system hangs while booting to any device USB/NVME at random times, spinning windows dots, after you get into WinPE and start doing something... However, if you boot from the NVME drive and make it to full-blown windows, the system is rock solid. No crashes, doing anything rock entirely solid in any benchmark or game.

Asrock Extreme 4
32gb Corsair dominator 3600 MHZ ram
HP 590x NVME 2tb drive
Zotac 3080
EVGA 1000 GT psu (also TT 850w silent used and tested)


Reseat everything
Remove the board from the case
Change power supplies (started happening when I got an EVGA powersupply!? I already threw out my old one, but it's a coincidence. The old power supply would randomly cut power and restart the machine if gaming and taxing the machine very hard with CPU and VGA.
I moved ram slots, removed one stick of ram, and changed ram altogether.
Moved PCIE slots
Changed NVME drive
Removed NVME and booted from USB
Reseated CPU, reseated heatsink

No idea why and when It works, but it seems to work if it works off a cold boot and not a restart.

The MB is out of warranty less than a month, and Asrock won't RMA, so I'm stuck with it. I don't know if I missed anything, and I ordered a new board.
Yeah MB bios was updated.

Soooo Here's the update, I was able to resolve the issue...

I ended up basically replacing everything including trying 2 new motherboards. Turns out, the CPU cannot handle stock clocks anymore ( it was never overclocked) and basically has become defective. The reason it was stable in Windows was probably that many of the CPU cores throttle down. Eventually, windows became unstable as well. It took absolutely forever to find this because, the way the problems were presented where common for other issues with hardware. For example, NVME not booting to Windows and hanging then fails to read correctly or shows up as raw or not showing up at all unless you re-format. (corruption due to the many restarts), random restarts during gaming on CPU-intensive games like pubg only (Power supply), hanging or BSOD random spots ( Ram), failing to boot to USB, or only booting to hang (motherboard? )

I was certain it must be a bad CPU since I replaced everything but then on the way to buy a new CPU for temp use I thought... Wait... If it's CPU and it does boot Windows sometimes, or WinPE... Maybe if I underclock it will work. Sure enough... Went from 3700 on the 5900x to 3500 and system is booting normally now no freezing.... Opening an RMA with AMD.... Fun.
Rare and hard to diagnose. Glad you got there. Even though the [H] wasn't able to fix, glad you added to the knowledge base.
Hope you have smooth (whatever floats yer boat FNO)
Stellar job tracing it down to the cpu--definitely a very hard thing to do as usually the cpu is not the culprit.