The Spaghetti Incident


Mar 13, 2003
Not only is it a Guns n Roses CD, it is also an accurate description of my case.

The current case is a Thermaltake V5000D. The case is blue as well as all the fans inside use blue leds. I will also add a blue neon. But what is the point of getting a case with a window if you can only see wires? After reading many suggestions from board members and reading tutorials, I am going to tackle this project head on.

This is what I am working with.


Notice that this case comes with a Thermaltake Hardcano fanbus. This is the reason for the majority of the clutter. That will be the big project. I will only be using 2 fans, not 4, so 2 connectors can come off. The rest will be sleved and tucked.

I currently have blue 36" rounded cables from an old rig. They are too long and blue. In order to make the case stand out, I ordered shorter WHITE rounded IDE cables.

The power supply was pre-modded with blue sleeving and blue heatshrink. In order to match the IDE cables, I purchased white sleeving and heatshrink. That will be used on all the exposed cabling. I believe the white will stand out with the blue.

I need a [H] opinion on 2 things.

I plan on removing the floppy drive. I can't decide if I should remove the floppy mounting bracket, or leave it for a place to hide wire.

The hard drives mount sideways in the lower right corner. There is a hidden 80mm fan cooling them. Should I move 2 hard drives to the unused 5 1/4 bays and totally remove the hard drive mounting box? Or should I keep the bok there and just tuck the cables inbetween drives?
I didn't even see the HD rack :eek:
Can you turn the HD rack around so that the wires are behind it?
No I can't rotate it. That is the reason why I am leaning towards moving the HDD to the 5 1/4 bays and using the free space down there to hide cable.
i can really relate to you.... it looks like you have a thermaltake case am i right?

i have a thermaltake xaser III super tower

mines at the top though

very hard to arrange the wires in this case


kinda of an improvment


sorry for the bad picture
I see lots of tiny black zip ties and perhaps a vantec sleeving kit in your future.
i have blue and black zip ties on mine. it would be a good idea for you to use them as well. hide the wires behind the mobo tray. i have 2 wires from power supply running to my cd roms and my hard drive. the fan cables run into the back of the case and the video card is pluged into an extention to the hard drive power cable.
Even though it seems like a simple thing to do, pull out every wire that you possibly can, then you have to plan the placement for all of the wires. The biggest thing in my opinion when cleaning up wiring isnt neccesairly to hide it all, but keep it all looking organized and following distinct paths, dont let the cables go wherever they want. Straight pathways and keeping tight clusters of cables helps alot. Zip ties are now your new best friend.
ill try to get a picture of how i did it later on today.

if you want the hard drive a different way put it in the floppy drive base
sure you can, just need to cut out the back so you can get at the plugs easier. Or just plugg them in and then slide them back. Anything is possible when it comes to modding a case.

Update: Today I recieved the rounded white cables.

I removed the hard drive cage. Moved the hard drives to the unused 5 1/4 bays. I also removed the floppy drive and floppy cage. Tons of room was added.

I am waiting on the sleeving and heatshrink to get here this week so I can begin sleeving fans and the fanbus.

The white really brings out the blue.
wow and I thought my oc-ed linux box was bad! who thought I needed so many fans to cool a celeron, Your rig looks sweet now good job! :D :D :D
DRJ1014, You should really cut the tags off of those IDE cables. The ones that read " ATA 133 Slave, etc." It would be a visual improvement and they are unnecessary.

I feel bad for you guys' airflow. I hope you can fix it.
Well I pretty much finished it up.

I put in the rounded white cables, and tucked them to hide the excess.
I put the unused molex connectors behind the MOBO tray.
I sleeved the fan wires.
Because the case has 2 fan controllers built into the door, I decided I didn't need the Hardcano fan bus, so I just removed it which helped alot.

Here are the pics. Even though you can see wires on the right, when the door is on, you don't see them.

I would just like to say that you are the man!!

I saw this a few days ago and decided to try it, and i must say that it looks 1000 times better and the temps are amazing. Much cleaner.