The Post Your Old/Retro Builds Thread



So here's a couple more I found that are a bit newer than the other one. Not sure if these are retro enough. These were some flavor of Athlon based office machines.

Good old days with my q600, 512MB 9800GT, 8GB RAM, twin 900p monitors, Logitech MX Revolution mouse and my 1st laptop with a 2 core 1.7ghz AMD Turion.
Enjoyed played 1st 2 Crysis, Supreme Commander, and Phantasy Star Universe those past years.
Didn't owned a camera back when I built my older machines.
Up stair neighbor had a open wifi signal so I pirated the crap out of anime while I held on to my 56k dail-up.
Here is my latest pick-up. My personal unicorn. A fully functional Acer Aspire from the mid 90s with matching monitor. I also have the keyboard. These things were poorly built,beautifully stylized, and hard as hell to find. I plan to upgrade it with a faster CPU, max RAM, and Voodoo2. If it ever dies, I'll turn the whole thing into a true sleeper build.
1. Don't know the name of the case. It has no markings.
2. The case is from a CD duplicator, but some SCSI enclosures were the same.
3. I use LCDsmartie with it.
OK time for my contribution

Asus X58 SaberTooth
Intel Xeon X5680
Zalman CNPS10X
Various makes of 4GB DDR DIMMS
Nvidia GT530
Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD
Hauppauge HVR-2250 (Only have the Low Profile bracket so I bent it so the card would not fall out of the slot)
CystralFontz 20 X 2 LCD
Both in a Dell bracket intended for their Optiplex and Precision business class PCs
CoolerMaster N400


I had one of those Sony C3XSS models with the 700MHz PII it was quite a furnace there in the front left, :) fun machine though! I still have one of the 2nd to last models with the atom processor as well as my U3 :unsure: which still has the broken latch to shut off the display on it lol. :giggle:

Not great pictures since I was just cracking it to check the video card(s) and sound card were installed as part of the pending great purge. Got another full system to open soon as well and probably list it locally. But I’ll take some pictures of it to post here first. :)
Smaller SBC build.

- 3 slot half-length ISA case
- 800MHz Vortex86-DX with XGI graphics
- 256MB RAM
- 8GB SD Card
- Sound Blaster AWE64 Value
Nice, didn't know about Vortex. Do regular Windows support this and what Intel/AMD CPU is it closest to in performance?
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I believe it is between MMX 233 and Pentium 2 in terms of performance. Yes, it runs DOS/Windows/Linux/etc.

I'll jump in here.

Not too long ago, I found this embarrassing old camcorder recording of my showcasing my 286 in ~1991 when I was digitizing some old family tapes.

Pretty cringeworthy, but still amusing. I had forgotten the lovely sound my old 20MB MFM hard drive made.

Enjoy the intro sequence to Police Quest 3 with PC Beep Speakers :p
Just resurrected this thing. Had a bunch of bent pins on the LGA socket preventing it from booting. Crazy that it is over a decade old now.. I think I'll put it back in the box and store it for another 10 years before I consider it actually retro, lol. I mainly bought it because it has the infamous gun heatsink, and I'm sure it will climb in value in the future.


I noticed that the screw holes appeared to be narrower on the MSI board. It's 478 like, but proprietary it seems. Without fabrication it would seem very unlikely you'd find a replacement unless you found another identical motherboard (for parts) or had the mount 3d printed.

I'm gearing up for a massive project. I'll let the pictures do the talking. :D

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I have lots of old stuff . will post soon . recently i have checked sr2 whether it was still working or not . in my store there is lots of moisture no window or any thing for the airflow and door is always locked . some of my motherboards and gpu gone bad due to that /
Seriously? That looks like a nice case!
i have a small store , recently i have scrap few cases , to make space for new stuff , they were getting rust from bottom due to moisture and few power supply also got burnt when i turn them on , i am thinking about making a Roshandan
Just found this thread. I wish I had a pic of my Amiga 1000 to post! (Had an Apple II before that, but lots of people had those...)
My latest attempt at cleaning up a PC well passed due date. It's not spotless, but at least I'm not afraid of catching a disease from it now.
The case is a tank, which I found out after dropping it on my foot. The case is fine, but my foot had some nice swelling and bruising.
I am most proud of the CPU fan and cardboard shroud. The old fan hurt my ears so I replaced it with an old Antec case fan.
Lian Li PC-K58, Gigabyte motherboard, AMD 1090T, had an old 4G DDR3 stick laying around bringing it to 12G DDR3, RX550 video card, new DVD, used 1T HDD

Grabbed a Jornada 728.. Still works and the 22 year old battery holds a charge for about 20mins lol. I'll probably stick some new 18650 cells in there. Might dual boot Linux on it.

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Those are really cool. My company has about 25 of them.We use them to run tests and check faults on the old Arrow III rail cars. They were computerized in the mid 90s. We use Kermit as a terminal program. Almost any terminal program will do, like Hyper Terminal.
I havent posted anything in a while, so I figured I would put some pics up of my Franklin PC8000. It is an interesting computer, as it is just 3 cards on a backplane with 2 floppy drives and a PSU. I got this 10 years ago from a friend who got it from an old lady that bought it new and never really used it, still has the original shipping box it came in also. It also still has the 2 cardboard protective cards in both of the floppy drives too.


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939 Athlon 64 X2 4400+ and Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 , Asus A8AR32-MVP Deluxe (first full 2x pcie x16) ATI Crossfire Xpress 3200 chipset , ATI X1950 Crossfire Edition , Patriot Extreme PDC1G3200LLK 2x1gig sets , Creative X-Fi Extreme Music , Enermax PSU (still measures to spec) , WinXP Pro , newer case

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Nice.. That reminds me I need to get my crossfire build up and running. I have a Sapphire Pure PC-A9RD580 with two X1950XTX's in storage that need to be unboxed. I've never done a crossfire build before.