The pics i save from photoshop are darker than the PSD's?


Jan 17, 2004
Whenever I save pictures from the PSD I'm working with, whether I save to JPEG, PNG, etc, regardless of compression settings, the pictures I get are much darker than the PSD I'm saving them from! I never adjusted anything with color profiles, so I'm not sure why it would be doing this. My Photoshop CS5 is at factory settings. Can anyone tell me what's causing this?
Are you reopening the saved file in photoshop or another program? I remember having something like this happen when trying to open pictures in preview as I recall, but for some reason it just stopped. Or I might have reformatted due to another problem, I'm not exactly sure...
I just went into Color Management in Windows "Screen Resolution" advanced settings and changed the default profile to sRGB and restarted my browsers. They all look fine now, including Windows Photo Viewer.
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