The official "clean desktop" club.


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Oct 19, 2004
Some people prefer elaborate themes with lots of widgets and stuff. Myself, I always say that simple is better. That being said, let'see those clean desktops! I'll start:


Notice the dull blue background, it has a small design in it but is still easy on the eyes. Also notice the milky-tinted taskbar - it preserves the Windows XP look while not looking bubbly.

Guidelines to a "clean" desktop:

Max 3 icons on desktop (you can hide infrequently used ones in the start panel)
Max 3 icons in the quicklaunch area
Max 2 icons in system tray (use the hiding feature to hide ones you don't use)
A minimalistic ammount of gadgets on the desktop, but a few are welcomed

These are my personal guidelines, you are more than welcome to post your desktop if it doesn't stick to these. If so, would you mind telling why you think your extra icons qualify? Also, some of us are still running 1024*768, so if your going to post your 2405FPW's desktop could you resize it? Thanks.

Your turn!
I think mines pretty clean compaired to others at work. Others wonder how i can even use a computer without desktop icons.

i dont use the shortcuts on the bottom... and the stuff in the corner are drawn by the window manager so theres no resource cost(E17 consumes about 16 mb of ram total)

command prompt is where i get all my work done :p ctrl-alt-insert and theres a new term :D

nice and clean ;)

aqua dock is hiding on the bottom

sorry about squashed pic, it was this or a massive 1600x1200...
Ahh, you guys are my haven. I thought I was the only one that liked a super-clean desktop.

Simplicity is key.
This is my laptop running at 1680x1050. Maybe not the cleanest desktop in the world, but it's clean enough.

I have either all black desktop with the My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places, and Recycle bin icons, or the Half Life 2: Episode 1 wallpaper with the same icons. I can't stand clutter.
_tar said:[IMG]

Resized from 1440x900.[/QUOTE]
Hmmmm...too many icons in the system tray. Hide 'em and it'll truly be "clean."
zero002021 said:
This is my laptop running at 1680x1050. Maybe not the cleanest desktop in the world, but it's clean enough.

where's the water :D

nice character, simple, yet so elegant
I hate a clutery desktop too, i need order, anything else is just, errr, illogical........
My Current Desktop

2 old desktops as well.....


Hope that clean enough, and i dont really care one way or the other about the My Computer and Recycle Bin icons, i do use tweak ui, and had taken the recycle bin off, but i guess i had a system error or something and i got put back up there, but idc.......
I don't know if I can be a member of the clean desktop club but I certainly don't like icons.