The Newegg iBrite RGB CPU - $4999.99

lol gotta love seeing what companies come up with for april fools.
Best April Fools Ever. :ROFLMAO: I hope the link stays permanent.
I love it and in the video in the end they put a monster heat sink on it and you can't see the LEDs anyway. HAHA I half expected the entire heatsink to light up like a rainbow.

Woohoo 100 cores!

  • Cores: 100
  • Threads: 200
I ordered one when they went on sale last week. I had some aliens show up at my house shortly after looking for an infinity stone.
Cores 1, threads 200 woulda been better. Super Street threader extreme championship edition!
Meh. Transistors the size of a quark are so ten years ago. What do they plan to power with this thing? My alarm clock?
Did anyone click the orange button that is normally the add to cart button? It lead to a 9900K give away.
The worrying thing - if they didn't make up specs and just said it was a 9700 with a discotheque heat spreader, I fear people would truly want it.

I don't know about you guys, but every time I see RGB stuff, I think of those SNL skits with the guy bobbing heads to "Baby Don't Hurt Me". No. Not in my case you don't.
The reviews are the best part. I love the guy who's computer won't stop playing dubstep after installing this CPU.