The GTX 1660 is Rumored to Launch in Mid March


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Mar 3, 2018
The Taiwanese news outlet DigiTimes claims that the Nvidia will launch the mid-range GTX 1660 graphics card on March 15, at a price point of $229. This more or less lines up with the latest info from our own industry sources, who claim the 1660 will launch on March 14 at that same price point. Meanwhile, DigiTimes also expects the GTX 1650 to launch on April 15th at the US $179 price point. We can't verify that particular claim yet, but the latest rumor from Videocardz indicated that the GTX 1650 would launch "next month" in late March.

With the launch of the four products bearing high price-performance ratios, Nvidia is apparently seeking to refocus its graphics card business on the medium- and low-end market in the first half of 2019 to prevent its profits from falling further and drive AMD's share in the market down to under 25% or even 20%, industry sources commented. The drastic shrinkage in demand for crypto mining graphic cards seen since the second quarter of 2018 prompted Nvidia to fast reduce its inventory in the following months, minimizing the impact on profitability. For the fiscal quarter from November 2018 to January 2019, Nvidia's revenues plunged 24% on year and 31% on quarter to US$2.205 billion, and its profits for the quarter plunged 54% sequentially and 49% on year to US$567 million.
I expect it to be pretty much in line with the RX590 probably a little faster. Just a wild guess.
i probably shouldnt expect the 1660 TI to be dropping in price anytime soon if the non-TI part is going to be $230 (probably close to 250 from the AIB vendors). might just have to spend that $300 after all.
Well the GTX 1660 has launched and the above statement is spot on. Some games are barely better than on the GTX 1060, while others nearly match the 1660ti. On average, it is right between the two cards.

The saving grace is how well the GDDR5 overclocks. With a good memory overclock, the card performs VERY close to the GTX 1660ti on all games, making the $220 asking price an absolute bargain and arguably dethroned the RTX 580.

Well done Nvidia.