The "Doom Box"


Apr 5, 2019
My love for pc gaming started nearly 30 years ago when I played Doom for the 1st time, so in between custom builds for my customers I've been working on this Ryzen/Windows 7 build for myself that I put together to run my old cd based games and as a tribute to the Doom game. My Windows 10, Ryzen Cane computer is still my daily driver so no worries for me about W7 being outdated. I've named it the "Doom Box" and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
1. Case: Coolermaster Haf XB Evo.
2. Cpu: I chose the Ryzen 2700x because it's plenty strong for my purposes and fairly easy to get working with W7 without the usb issues some people have with the 3000 and 5000 series.
3. CPU cooler: the tried and true AMD Wraith Prism.
4. Motherboard: B450 Tomahawk Max.
5. Memory: 32 gigs of G-Skill Trident Royal setting at DDR4-3200.
6. Drive: Samsung 980 Nvme 1tb.
7. Power supply: Evga 1000 watt gold.
8. Graphics card: Evga 3070 ftw.
9. Cooling: Twin 140mm intake fans. Two 120mm exhaust fans and two 80mm exhaust fans.
10. Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate was chosen to run all of my old cd based games.
11. Custom touches: Front fan grill has been painted lime green and then hot glued a Doom medallion to it. Lime green Doom decals on both side panels. Top panel metal fan grill has been replaced with translucent green acrylic and then drilled for the 120mm exhaust fan.
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what a time to be alive when this beast is the new Retro build Loving it.
Lol much appreciated. I actually had some cheap ram and a 1070ti card I was gonna use in it, but there was a local guy selling his whole system for cheap so I bought it and robbed the ram and 3070 for my build. I put the 1070ti and cheap ram back in his system, flipped it and got my money back.
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that is the way to go did a whole rebuild for a bud from a ryzen 1700x to a ryzen 9 5900x NR200 1080ti new kit of 64gb DDR 4 Gskill Royal 4000mhz 2 tb sabrent Rocket 4 Plus drives and a 750P psu, he gave me his old system cleaned it added few bits pieces sold for $800.