The Darkness II Free on Humble Bundle


May 13, 2013
The Darkness II is available for free on HumbleBundle for the next 2 days. Originally released in 2012 by Digital Extremes and 2kGames, it has very positive reviews on steam, and is normally priced at $29.99.

The trailer reminds me of Prototype, which I liked a lot. Even if it isn't great, you can't complain about the price.

Inspired by the popular comic book series produced by Top Cow Productions, Inc., The Darkness II is an intense first person shooter that delivers a twisted and gripping narrative of tragedy, modern crime drama, and supernatural horror. Players will be taken down the brutal and personal path of Jackie Estacado, head of a New York crime family and wielder of an ancient and ruthless force of chaos and destruction known as The Darkness.
have the original game and found it to be very blah. Wonder if this game is any better than the fist.
I liked Darkness II when I played it a couple of years ago. If you like the Alan Wake franchise, I'd say give it a try.
Meh game, but free is free. Throw another log on the Steam backlog campfire!

They had F1 2015 free the other day which I also nabbed. Is this Humble's new marketing strategy? Give away free games and hope other people actually buy something?

Also...if you have an extra $12 a month and enjoy seeing your backlog spiral out of control, sub up for Humble Monthly. You get an insane amount of games for $12 a month... usually 1 or 2 good ones, 2+ decent, then the usual bundle filler. But the "good" ones are worth $10 at least, so I think it's worth it?

That being said I might have an extra key for Deus EX Mankind revolution (was on the last bundle but I already had it). PM me
Forgot I owned it :)
If anyone is too lazy to do the checkout procedure: EVC8E-0YEW2-4CY6Z