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Dec 31, 1969
Remember those pods in the first Matrix movie? Well, that's where VR is taking us. Want to know how? Strap on our tinfoil covered headsets and click the link (red pill) and see just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

But as the tech industry continues to build VR’s social future, the very systems that enable immersive experiences are already establishing new forms of shockingly intimate surveillance. Once they are in place, researchers warn, the psychological aspects of digital embodiment — combined with the troves of data that consumer VR products can freely mine from our bodies, like head movements and facial expressions — will give corporations and governments unprecedented insight and power over our emotions and physical behavior.
This doesn't seem unreasonable. It certainly would explain why FB was so interested in OR and google is into VR too. How invasive it will be, remains to be seen.
Just bring us Sword Art Online and be done with it. All this waiting around is boring
Consumer vr is just a display that's driven by your computer (or your phone).
I mean it's feasible that someone could make a VR game and save the data back home, but it's not like these things are borrowed or free or anything of the sort.
This person should be more worried about their onstar enabled car sending driver behavioral data straight to the insurance companies than some game manufacturer scanning your head movements
The article is written or hints that people are a flock of sheep that can be manipulated relatively easy. Reality shows that people do not bow down well to a single cause or purpose or idea. The vast number of cultures, religions, governments and philosophies attest to that. If FaceBook or anyone start making avatars smile for particular policy, idea, religion etc. or sneer it would be picked up so fast that they would be inundated with a rather large horde of displeased folks :mad:. Probably being more negative then positive on their behalf.

If it is totally open, letting you know what data was collected from you with your permission - what companies or government agencies you give permission to use and those entities in turn lets you know exactly what they are doing with it and allowing you to stop, pull back your data at any time. That would be more dangerous in the long run because it would form an acceptance that can be grown over time to a not a concern. Once folks are blind to any potential wrong doing it is much easier then to do.

Now why can't VR advancement be done in a more clinical type environment without collecting your data from blind subjects just using it is to me is the question? Frankly I would rather have control over my avatar emotional state so that it can frown when I am laughing my head off etc.. That would make the experience much more entertaining and experimental. If I am replicated exactly, I think I would just rather be in the real world instead.

The Google marketing that keeps showing items I looked at across many different sites consumes space for stuff I already looked at and rejected in buying :LOL:. Meaning less space for items that may grab my interests which results in a buy. Paying for the content on the internet is getting more and more costly and almost to the point where it is becoming a negative experience. I would not be too surprised that there will be another internet bust where folks start to become very disinterested in using it. It is like if Netflix starts putting commercials in their programming that over time grows and grows - their viewership would most likely start to decline more and more as time goes on. Main reason I and I am sure many others watch Netflix is the unique experience in not having those bloody ass commercials.
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