The Custom PC Case, Laptop to Portable Desktop w/ excessive cooling

Mar 30, 2017
So i had a laptop that the entire lid including screen were pretty much destroyed.
Started it's life as a Samsung NP350 and the motherboard part number is QCLA4 LA-8862P Rev 2.0 2012-05-21
Internally it has an i7 ivy bridge and 8gb of ram.

I have already done a few custom mods to it.
This includes taking my desktops stock i7-3770k heatsink (has copper plug) shaving it from 90mm to 80mm.
I shaved down the heatsink in order to fit a 80mm to 120mm fan shroud.
From there i've installed a SP120 high static fan in the opposite direction of the stock cooler fan. It pulls air up from the bottom of the fins of the heatsink.

Yesterday Tues, March 29th 2017, I actually live streamed some of the modding on and plan to continue doing the same till it's finished.

Now this might not be the prettiest build, as I'm typically broke, but it will be very creative.
Not sure we could call this sponsored but some of the tools used were given to me for free from Amazon sellers.
The freebies in this list include 3x 3D printer pens and a bag of PLA

The Case:

3D Printer Pens:

Bag of PLA:

Fan and Controller:

Fan Shroud:

Fan Filter:

Sata Cables:



*** I do NOT recommend Silicon Power, 3-4 of the SSDs i've bought from them failed right between 300-450hrs of being powered on, out of 5-6 total, both with the S55 and S60 models.
When I actually have money i want to move to Samsung SSDs. I've lost about 1tb worth of data with Silicon Power. My first ever Samsung 830 64gb still works and is installed in a friends laptop! Don't remember when i bought it, but i remember that it was around $128 on newegg when i got it. maybe 2011 or 2012, then like 10 days later went on sale for $64.

Picture of the start of the work. Sorry for the quality, took them on a tablet that had a pretty badly scratched lens. pictures after this point are much better quality.

20160706_234815.jpg 20160714_152239.jpg 20160715_032706.jpg IMG_20161110_184036.jpg IMG_20161110_184539.jpg

First Stream to twitch has me to this point (see second post for additional images of this days work)
IMG_20170329_135835099.jpg IMG_20170329_135847668.jpg IMG_20170329_135900410.jpg IMG_20170329_135914659.jpg IMG_20170329_135927522.jpg

The 3D printing on the bottom around the Dust Filter Intake was to create a pool to pour the epoxy. This way i would have a level area to adhere the magnetic filter part.
Printing by hand isn't super clean so i beveled the inner layer by the Motherboard with a lithium handheld Dremel. This way if the filter gets pushed on, the bumps in my 3D printing wouldn't have the ability to mess up the filter.

The round areas where I went around in a full circle and the other that's about 1/4 a circle were to make feet that are the same height as the standoffs on the box. where the cables are meant to go in the original box is a lower footprint than the back, for some reason.

Lot more to come.
  • The SSDs are removed from their housing with heat sinks put onto them.
  • Power Brick Mounting
  • I/O Panel 3D Pen Printing
  • Would like to shove a small dedicated gpu into it
  • Exhaust Port for the Fan
  • Additional customization

If you have ideas, thoughts, comments, quibbles, or queries, please share them with me :D
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yeah xenforo doesn't have native table bbcode. actually had to add that to my site a couple of days ago.
submitted feedback and what plugin to use for it. but i'll edit it as that looks really bad.
Yesterday i completed some additional stuff on the stream located at

So generally speaking, this is what the actual laptop coolers look like.
These fans gather a large amount of dust across the fins. This builds up heat and causes "Thermal Throttling". In short thermal throttling is where the CPU and/or GPU will downclock in order to run cooler. So if you have a 3.5ghz CPU, it could be running slower because it's simply running too hot, so could be losing 500mhz, 1ghz, or whatever it's setting it at for safe operation.
Using compressed air in a laptop is pretty useless. All you end up doing is blowing the dust into the fan blades, it spins up and throws it right back onto the fins. It's a lot like the lint you find in the dryer lint trap. It's a blanket of dust, hair, and lint all matted together.

Here you can see the slightly larger than 120mm exhaust port. Air gets pulled in from under the motherboard, forced to flow across it, then over to maximize cooling.
Inside you can see the not only the motherboard and parts, but the power brick. I removed it from the casing to let it get fresh air. This will help prolong the life of it.

Some custom 3D printer Pen I/O Panels Not completely done as i have to do some custom work on the power supplies plug in order to make it stable enough for pushing the power cable into it.

This is an aluminum 12" x 12" sheet i'll be using to set overtop of the intake port to keep the dust filter from ever getting damaged. Will likely use standoffs or simply have it screw on.
Since i only need around 7" x 7" i'll use the remaining to make a couple brackets to hold the power brick.

I should be streaming more tomorrow, I've had the twitch channel for a long while but just started streaming to it, in order to promote the site... now that i'm sort of done doing the majority of the coding and theme editing.
If most of this build log starts sounding a little newbie friendly, it's because i pretty much just copy and paste from my own forums. Many of our visitors/users aren't super tech savy.

I know this isn't the most pretty mod out there, but i'm working with the ultra limited funds that i have.
Hoping that by doing such a custom build, that maybe it will lead to sponsored stuff, or give people ideas that customizing things doesn't have to be expensive.

Additional Parts list within this reply/update to the log:
3003 Aluminum Perforated Sheet, Unpolished (Mill) Finish, H14 Temper, Staggered Round 0.25" Holes, 0.125" Thickness, 8 Gauge, 12" Width, 12" Length, 0.375" Center to Center

140mm Black Fan Grill / Guard with screws (2 pack)