The Ascent (Cyberpunk ARPG)

Started playing thru this. Runs a lot better than it did on launch. Having a lot of fun.

Finally finished this over the weekend. 25 hours played. I enjoyed the story and the gameplay. Semi interested in going thru New Game+ but I think I'll wait to see what this DLC has to offer first.
I have picked this back up playing with a friend. Not sure exactly how far we are in the game but I find it a pretty hard game. I will get the DLC once it comes out.
Yeah, the difficulty ramps up towards the end. Last boss was a challenge.
Cyber Heist is now available with a 25% discount, along with the other DLC. The base game is on sale with a 60% discount. The bundle that comes with the game and all the DLC is currently USD $18. Along with the release of the DLC comes a big patch with fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

  • We have added a new Melee weaponinto the game. The uPlus bat can be found across the world by winning combat against Thugs in the world.
  • Ultrawide support has been improved with the following resolutions now available:
  • Fixed an issue where Players could lose keyboard input in the interaction with the GunSmith in Cluster 13.
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when taking a Taxi from “CorpZone” to “Arcology: Highstreet”.
  • Resolved an issue where EN bar recharge sometimes wouldn’t appear for Client Players.
  • Fixed an issue where the Host might be unable to skip a cutscene if they disconnected their controller in the loading screen & tried to reconnect before the loading was over.
  • Fixed an issue where Cyberdecks stopped functioning for the Client Player in some circumstances.
  • Resolved an issue where the Client Player could lose all equipped items including Cyberdeck if they hotjoins when a Host Player triggers the elevator.
  • Fixed instance where the Papa Feral’s Health Bar failed to appear for Client Players if certain conditions were met.
  • Addressed an issue where it could take several seconds until the Co-op Player’s weapon appeared after a Host Player takes a taxi, when in different zones.
  • Fixed an issue in Local Co-op where one Player taking the elevator in Lanier’s Apartment with another Player staying behind could cause world textures to unload.
  • Addressed specific instances where players in a Co-op session would hear the music from Coder’s Cove while in combat in Black Lake Towers.
  • Fixed a bug which could allow Local Co-op Players to temporarily take over the other Players’ vendor browsing.
  • Fixed an issue where spamming “Switch Character” while loading into an Online Co-op game could cause the “Select Profile” tab to become stuck on screen.
  • Fixed instances which could lead to a “Failed to join the session” becoming stuck on screen after accepting an invite to an Online Lobby.
  • Fixed a bug which could see NPCs in interior areas multiply for Online Co-op Clients if repeatedly entering and exiting interior locations while the Host remained in an outside location.
  • Resolved a couple issues preventing the ‘Exotic Dinner’ Side Mission from being completed under set circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where additional incorrect enemies would spawn in the Papa Feral fight during ‘Arcology Blues’ (Mission 1)
  • Addressed a potential progression blocker in ‘Liberation Operation’ Side Mission where after killing the Foreman the mission wouldn’t progress.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Empowerment’ (Mission 4) where you could engage the Megarachnoid boss in combat before the cutscene had played, resolving a potential progression blocker.
  • Addressed an issue where utilizing Propulsion Leap against the Megarachnoid boss in ‘Empowerment’ (Mission 4) could under certain circumstances put Players in a state of invulnerability and unable to inflict damage.
  • Fixed a rare instance where rushing at the start of ‘Boardroom’ (Mission 10) could create a progression blocker.
  • Addressed instances where Ferals could get stuck in the environment, preventing completion of “Survive the Carnage” objective during ‘The Champ’ Side Mission.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Empowerment’ (Mission 4) where the mission objective may not be updated after completing the ‘Boost Cooling System’ objective when the Host Player is far enough to get teleported by the Client Player.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘The Champ’ Side Mission where quitting the game mid-mission could cause no Feral’s to spawn upon resuming.
  • Fixed a navigation trail issue in the “Bubble Trouble” Side Mission at the ‘Search for Udina’ objective step.
  • Fixed an edge case progression blocker caused by Propulsion Leap in ‘Foreign Code’ (Mission 6).
  • Fixed several instances where Players utilizing the Propulsion Leap when attacking the Siege Mech enemy, including ‘Gun-Dolph’ could get stuck inside the Mech.
  • Resolved a potential progression blocker that could occur if quitting to Main Menu right after ‘Speak with 438 Hung’ mission step during ‘Trading Places’ (Mission 3).
  • Fixed an issue where Players could cause the ‘Gun-Dolph’ enemy during ‘Root Access’ (Mission 11) to glitch when attacked with Propulsion Leap.
  • Fixed a bug where holding the default “Confirm” button/key could lead to accidentally skipping of NPC dialogue.
  • Kira’s messages about civilians no longer play after ‘Unhandled Exception’ (Mission 12).
  • The “Interruptor” weapon now delivers a more satisfying sound.
  • Addressed Kira IMP Voice Over dialogue being delayed.
  • Improved translations for all languages.
  • Fixed various minor localisation issues.
  • Lots of assorted & minor collision issues.
The base game is also part of the August Humble Choice selections, so if you subscribe to that, you'll get it (and 7 other games) for the $12 monthly price.
Thank you for bringing this up- I bit and damn it looks good. I suck at these so it's going to be interesting how far I can get, and the stability is... Not so good. I've had it freeze solid once and a pair of CTD in three hours. But I do have all teh bells and whistles turned up (other than motion blur and film grain). I'll probably look around to see what the better settings are tomorrow.
Looks like fun. How's the KB/M controls?

just bought it earlier today and already refunded after 16 minutes of play, but honestly I didn't even need the full 16 minutes. I knew after the very first scene I was pretty much done with it. Died 2 times in the first combat area to little grunt type enemies because you can't figure out which directional key you gotta hit depending on which way the camera is facing. Then if you get surrounded you literally cant even move at all and just sit there and die.

Shame because I really like what they've done here, it's just not playable for me with the control scheme and I don't use controllers at all to play pc games so....

I mean its literally the twin stick shooter genre soooo.

So I decided to give this another go ($13 for the complete pack during the Summer Sale) and to my surprise the controls are not as bad as I originally found them to be. There is no forward and backwards or strafing. There's only up, down, left, and right, and you will be moving diagonally much of the time, so a lot of multiple movement keys held simultaneously, like WA,WD, etc.. It's weird but If you think of the WASD keys as a stick on a controller it helps a lot. Just like with a stick you'll be holding diagonally a lot of time. I've never played a pc game with controls like this before, but it's not that bad actually once you figure it out. It does cause a little finger fatigue though tbh.

Performance wise it runs flawlessly at 4k60 ultra (no rt) with a 6900xt/5800x/32GB and looks amazing on the 48" whoaled. This game don't even need ray tracing, it's just naturally beautiful :p Ironically it crashes constantly on my 6700xt/5800x/16gb setup at 1440p high textures, the rest ultra. It runs Flawlessly locked at 60fps until it decides to just stop working, and I've not seen it go over 10gb vram allocation. Once even locking the whole system and having to hard reset, like wtf!

Turning out to be the game I wanted it to be. gonna be putting some time in this for sure, already at 14 hours (damn!)
I was curious to see what the devs were up, if they had anything in development at the moment, perhaps a sequel. Apparently they got bought out by Krafton (South Korea) and are working on an open world FPS. That kinda doesn't seem to good to me, but whatever it is it'll be interesting, I'm sure.
I wonder if Krafton is still trying to create a PUBG universe or if they scrapped it.