Telltale Games are Disappearing from Steam


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Mar 3, 2018
1,713 reports that Telltale's liquidation is underway, and as a consequence, some of their games are getting de-listed from Steam. Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and Tales of Monkey Island are already gone. The Twitter account of Pete Hawley, who previously told the publication that the company would retain its 25 person skeleton crew, appears to have been removed or renamed. An attorney speaking to suggested that Telltale is likely selling off their assets. It's unclear if the removed titles will come back to Steam, or if more will be removed in the future. But Steam purchases are kept even if they're de-listed from the store, so if you've ever thought about picking up some of the Telltale games, now might be a good time to do it.

It appears that Telltale is assigning all of its assets, including physical goods, trademarks, copyrights, software, and source code. The agreement may be an abridged document, as it does not detail what Telltale has received in return for the assignment. No specific amounts have been detailed. A more complete agreement may exist out of the public view. "You wouldn't assign everything you own to someone else, unless you were getting something for it," Huffman says. Alternatively, the assignee, Telltale, LLC, might not be due any consideration. "Telltale LLC is probably just a shell company that will hold the assets for purposes of selling them off. the liquidation company may even be the owner of that LLC," Huffman suggests. "It's also possible that the company will go bankrupt and that they're only remaining income for their creditors will be whatever the liquidation company pays them under any other arrangement they might have."

I haven't played any of Telltale's other games yet, but I did enjoy Tales From The Borderlands.
I enjoyed Wolf Among Us and the main telltales Walking Dead series, but man you can really tell creativity and quality control really plummeted by the time batman came around.
Tales from the Borderlands was my favorite. Really laugh out loud funny. Almost captures a Firefly feel to it.

Wolf Among Us would be my number 2. Even got me to read the comic series it was based on.
Unfortunate, but Telltale has been circling the drain for a while. Still a little sad to see the company that brought Sam & Max back go under.
Loved their seasons of Sam & Max, but this makes sense, especially since they used the exact same formula for every damn game for over a decade. Only Madden and CoD can get away with repackaging the same game.
What about the people who paid for the games? TurtleRock just did this with Evolve you can download the game but can't play it.