teh apHytHiaTe! w00t!


Jul 9, 2004
hi. welcome to me projlog. sup. yo. howsithangin.

okay this is another freestuff mod. hoping to turn out better than the warped keyboard+mousey. i worked on someones computer, and they gave me their spare :eek: w0ot, yay!

pretty standard 'lil midtower








so, its a pretty boring beige box!

here we go! first i cutz0r3d out the 2 80mm fan grills on the back. they were pretty obstructive, until mr. dremel stepped in!


i used the cut off wheel to take out most of the inside of the holes, then i nibbled more away w/ the cutoff wheel. i cleaned her up with the cylender shaped grinding/sharpening tshaped reddish thinger. i needa straighten out the bottom one a bit more, but i'm pretty much done with that.

so, i also cut out the top fan hole, but problems resulted, as u will see.



the problem i speak of is not the jaggedness of it, but the fact that it's way too big for the fan. well, in the next post, u'll see how i solved it, so stay tuned!

also, i h4x3d out a 120 mm hole, that was mostly already done. thanks to whatever chinese steel worker in a sweatshop who made this case. mr. chinesedudeinasweatshopmakingcomputercases, i thank you. it was pretty easy, cuz it was a better done hole than the others in the case. much less material to take out. u can see what it looked like before in this pic:

b4 (sorry for bad angle, i hardly ever take enough pics)




well, thats it for now. i plan to make a window in the top, possibly a colored, if any of you can find me some cheap colored plexi etc. there will be another 120mm fan in the bottom, im gonna figure a way to make the front panel look half decent, possibly some mesh. the side will have a window also, prolly clear. i might do a window in the power supply too.

so, here are current, and, i might add, meager, specs:

p4 willamette (sp?) celly 1.7
64mb pc100 (did have 512mb of pc133, but i put that in the user's computer, and took out this stick)
60g maxtor ata133 (ithink) 7200rpm, 2mb cache
un-identified mATX mobo, i think ECS, uses ddr, and sdram,
320watt Power Win (InWin i think) psu
cd/rw dvdrom combo, floppy drive







hehe look @ the crappy speaker covered in dremel dust ;)

and the creator of all dremel dust... teh Mr. Dremel

l8r yall, God bless
if your wanted the top fan for exhaust, its pointing the wrong way. ;)
Thanks, but i would've figured it out sometime ;) It was more or less, just there to be a reference, i dont plan on using that old crappy fan. me want led light fans :)
That case is a fanzilla... 10 fans on it? Christ.

btw, how do you say your name? is it "a-FIE-thee-ate"?
im only puttin 4 fans in it, and im making another fan hole lol

teh name is "uh-fith-ee-at" it really has no meaning, just made it up so's that i didnt have to put numbers and crap and the end of "supergeek".
im lost.... do u mean im backwards modding by getting rid of fan mounts instead of adding them? i could see that... dang these dremel cutoff wheels are crappy...
sorry im so slow. life is hectic. i dont like messing with pics.

so the top fan didnt pan out! what better to do than.... DrEmEL a window in its place!




all done


its all nekkid!! :-P

how about some mesh?

dun dun dun!


there is much more to show! just haven't photoed yet. no school tomorrow, so you will be seeing more of me ;)
thats a humogenous window on top... :eek: i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing...
I cut another humongous winder on the side too! still needs some cleaning up, but i am really satisfied with how it turned out ;)



that black beast in the background is my chieftec matrix (thanks brycejones) <3

i cut out some more of those ugly fan grilles, but this time with minimal cuttage.



pencil marks are for where the mesh willl go.



purty blood red mesh


thanks duplicolor metalcast!

right now i'm deciding what material to put in the windows. getting ready to start painting a little. the chassis will be metalcast red, along with the meshing. the bezel and the outside sheet metal will be glossy black.

now i will reveal the theme of my mod.... [H]ard|OCP.com!!! i hope this isnt copyright infringement, as it is more or less dedicated as a tribute to my favorite site.
I decided to pop out all the rivets so that i could paint the chassis.


And i've sanded the top window part with 220 grit. Some 400 grit later.

You're a weird fucker, but it's all good. This actually looks pretty interesting. I'll be following.
ya clean up the window and front edges, maybe some molding around the window, and smooth out the front with some bondo. btw what color were you thinking of painting it?
Nice job man, j00 ar3 m4k1ng a 1337 mod right th3r3. Is it just me or does the thing (referring to the bottom half of bezel) remind anyone else remind them of an alien?
elite.mafia said:
Is it just me or does the thing (referring to the bottom half of bezel) remind anyone else remind them of an alien?
I was thinking large mouth bass. :)

Great work so far. From the pictures posted so far you could use a little finishing work on your cuts, you should prolly do that before painting. I've found that a good set of hand files (bastards) gets you a more professional look than what you can do with a Dremel. Takes more time but the end results are worth it.