Tech yes with game changer OS install

Very detailed explanation, but when updates are released, how does that affect your custom install which was never discussed in the video.
This is great until you wanna use some feature for something and find out it is perma f*cked by all the "bloat" you've removed...
This ^^ Also,with disk storage as cheap as it is, even SSD or NVMe, saving 20-30 even 50 MB is just not worth the effort.
I have a spare Dell E6540 with a i7 Pro CPU and 16 gigs of ram. This laptop from Dell does not meet the Windows 11 requirements for CPU and TPM, only UEFI and secure boot are available on this laptop.

I decided to give this a try since I'm retired and wanted something to do. I probably accepted about 95% of the changes in the video that he modified. After making the ISO and using Rufus to burn the ISO, I noticed installation took only 10 minutes or less from start to finish (I should have timed it). The nice part is I did not have to deal with the MS account BS, 1 Drive, Meet Now, Skype, TPM, and the other items like Cortana which were all removed, including all the telemetry. Got all the latest updates installed with no issues or any other warnings. It accepted my digital license from Win10 Pro that the laptop already had. Once item I forgot to remove were all the widgets.

I'm going to keep this laptop for several months for testing to see how future updates will impact this custom install.
The only thing that people need to do to 'fix' Windows installs to appear less bloated is to pull all of the app advertisements from the Start Menu. But those are there for people who don't even know what the app store is. I don't get why there's not a better middle ground offered to people who don't need that.
Yeah I just uninstall the useless apps I never use and switch the rest off from running in the background. Thats about it. I will agree however, this kind of thing was important when you had a single core 166MHz Pentium and 32MB pf ram in 1996!