t_ski is back!!! Lots of CPUs (2011 v1/v2), WinXP/7, Office, EVGA 1080 SC

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Jun 13, 2006
Heatware is under t_ski
All parts are used, pulls from working machines. Prices include shipping in the lower 48, and PayPal is the preferred method of mayment.


EVGA 1080 SC ACX - no mining or folding ever. Bare card. $380 shipped.

S2011 CPUs

Buy 2 S2011 CPUs, get 5% off
Buy 4 S2011 CPUs, get 7% off

2 x E5-2650 v2 SR1A8 $100 ea
2 x E5-2680 v2 SR1A6 $190 ea

S1366 CPUs
1 x E5620 SLBV4 $8

1 x Intel Core i5-3230M (SR0WY) $20
1 x Intel Core i5-4200M (SR1HA) $25
1 x Intel Core i5-4210M (SR1L4) $35

If you're buying any of the laptop CPUs, I have some i3 chips and 2GB DDR3 so-dimms as well if you're interested.

7 x Windows XP with unused COA $15 each
1 x Windows 7 SP1 x64 with unused COA $40
2 x Microsoft Office 2003 Standard (retail - one has the disc, and the other has they key, but I can copy the disc I have) $15 each
1 x Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teaher $15

LG G-Watch - well used, some wear & tear, charging base is a little finicky - $40

Only things I'm looking for in trade at this time are:

EK EVO Supremecy CSQ full nickel waterblock
4 x 4GB DDR4-2400 (or higher speed), white kit, gray kit, silver kit, or black kit only (no red, blue, etc.)


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Dang... lots of stuff is already pending (all CPUs, all desktop ram). I will update as soon as payments are sent.
T_ski ! I thought you left 'cause I bought everything you had. And I find out you were holding out on me...

Bump so people can look at all the stuff they missed!
Thanks for the bumps!

All that's left is the Patriot laptop ram and the wireless cards. If these don't go in the next couple of days, I will pull the listing. Just don't have a lot of time to work this at the moment unfortunately (part of the reason for my absence).


The only thing left are the wireless cards. Offers?
I cleaned it up a little. Bump for what's left :)
Are my 2011 and 1366 chips priced wrong? Make me offers if they are.
Might be interested in the E5-2660 or 2680. Just need to figure out if I can swap it into my Dell T430
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Probably not. Spec sheet for that server says 2600 v4 procs. You might be able to get a v3 proc to work, but not v1 or v2.
The rest of the desktop ram is pending, so that leaves the laptop stick, the 1366 chips and the 2011 chips. All CPU prices slashed. I need these gone!
All the ram is sold. Please make offers on what's left!
Added some more i5 CPUs and some ram, plus a Dell laptop and a Lenovo Mini PC

EDIT: also added a S1150 combo
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bump - need this stuff gone ASAP. My washing machine died and my wife is still off work due to health issues :(
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