T-Mobile Blocks Pirate Sites Then Reports Itself For Possible Net Neutrality Violation


May 13, 2013
T-Mobile in Austria has blocked several Pirate Bay clone sites following requests from rights holders. In November, the Austrian Supreme Court ruled that The Pirate Bay and other "structurally-infringing" sites could be blocked if rights holders have exhausted all other options. However while copyright holders expect the ISP to block clones and mirrors of sites deemed worthy of being blocked by order of the court, if they are not named by the court, it could violate Telecom Single Market (TSM) Regulation that established the principle of non-discriminatory traffic management in the EU.

Quite the slippery slope regulations such as this lead to. Gotta give credit to T-Mobile for handling it this way to hopefully get a definitive answer on what is the right way to approach situations like this. It wasn't that long before the TSM Regulations that T-Mobile was refusing to block sites in Austria.

According to industry body Internet Service Providers Austria (ISPA), there is a real need for clarification. It’s hoped that T-Mobile reporting itself for a potential net neutrality breach will have the desired effect.
It sounds like a decision of:
1. Do I block the piracy site and eat the fine for violating NN or,
2. Face the wrath of big content?