SZ270R8 shuttle is HERE!!!

Can't wait for pics! Is this going to be a gaming rig? 92mm liquid cooling or nah?
Here is a few fast pics, I just tossed it together so I could start running test. current config is 7700k, asus gtx 1070 FE, 16gb corsair.

A few things I should point out, when the retail model hits the shelves, it will likely have a few extra features. I'm not an employee of shuttle, I do not work for any hardware review sites, I'm just a guy that is able to locate pre-production hardware from time to time.

Ill report back with lots more/better pics and some benchmarks soon!

Ca11idus 92mm YES, plus a extra 80mm in the front of the case, just behind the front bezel. But water yet... I tossed some random stuff together for this loop, but the final version will be much cleaner. I also have a sh170 and a sz170 shuttles to play with, should be fun.

IMG_20170614_120708150.jpg IMG_20170614_152407938.jpg IMG_20170614_163035354.jpg IMG_20170614_163653508.jpg IMG_20170614_163709385.jpg
Piece of candy...I've always wanted a shuttle. Shuttle's were the ones to get me addicted to sffpcs.

That looks amazing.
IMG_20170614_152356108.jpg IMG_20170614_152420426.jpg IMG_20170614_155019032.jpg

U can see the missing display port, and its associated hole in the I/O shield, also a shot of the not included x4 slot, this might be an option on the lower end model, and likely shares lanes with a m.2 slot, or is just not included in the z270 due to most gfx cards covering that slot.

Good time to get one!

Production model will have 2 display ports and a HDMI port, this early sample only has 1 HDMI and 1 Display port. also it looks like this board supports another (3rd) lan port, but the hardware is not populated, Ill work on finding out the other differences.

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This looks nice! I've got an SH87R6 in the entertainment center, running a 4590S and a 3GB GTX 1060, been real happy with it. I was wondering when we'd see Kaby stuff from them. I've got a Skull Canyon NUC at my desk these days but I miss some of the flexibility the XPC gave me, and I don't feel like doing a complete scratch build in a Sugo or something for me next box.

Is it the same 500W PSU from the SZ170R8? They've carried the same 300W 80+ bronze unit through several generations of the "H" chipsets and it's been real good to me, but I see with Z170 they put a new 80+ silver 500W unit in; the Z87's was 80+ bronze.

I don't suppose they've done something with the UEFI interface on it? How does it look (or is it still just plain text like an old mid-2000s BIOS)?
500w 80+ silver in this unit, Same old bios interface. But the overclocking was excellent for my sample. As soon as production units get to america, I'll order one so we can compare.
Looks like a nice start for a water-cooled SFF. I've had Shuttle systems since the early 2000's, but I can build much quieter systems than they offer now. Pretty-much stopped buying Shuttle since I started WCing Silverstone SG05 cases. I still have a P2 Prima that I use on occasion but that thing is a magnitude of order louder than my SG05. Shuttle was great when there were very few other options but not so much these days with the availability of high-quailty ITX motherboards. Flex ATX is sort-of a red-headed stepchild now and Shuttle is the only source if something should go wrong.
BitchBreaker do you have any posts up showing the way you're doing the watercooling setup in these? I'd love to see some more shots of how you did it. The ICE cooler on my H87R6 is nice and quiet with a 4590S in there and would probably be sufficient for me in a future R8 build, but it looks like a really nice compact setup you've put together.
Ill snap some better pics for you, it's a fairly simple setup, 240 rad mounted flush with the side frame rails, ddc pump, thermaltake gpu/cpu (i gutted the rgb junk from this one, planning on cutting the top down a bit to)