System Reboots when taxing video card..Card? Power Supply? What to do..


Jan 4, 2009
So this is driving me nuts...everything has been fine until about a week ago when my PC randomly was rebooting at the end of the round in BF1...I thought it was due to the new update or something but through trial and error I realized I can intentionally cause the reboot -
by starting BF1, going on a server and cycling through the preset video settings Low-Med-High-Ultra...It crashes the system and it reboots.
I would assume this is power supply or card but I can't seem to figure out how to track this down independent of each other...I have another PC i might be able to swap out the PS and/or video card to see what happens but oh boy does this have me so mad as I have christmas week off and would have been doing some major gaming!
Here is a video of what happens...because I can make it happen.

It also happened when I tried to run the GPU firestrike benchmark...It crash reboots as soon as it should start the demo. So it seems to crash when the system goes heavy on GPU display.

This is my system setup

Did you update your video card drivers a week ago? Maybe roll back to an older driver and see if that solves your problem.
You know what..I said what the heck and decided to start up the gaming pc with the pci-e power cord from the HTPC connected to the card, started them both at the same time...Booted up fine and I was able to run and pass Firestrike Ultra...So my diagnosis is a failing Power supply...


Unless there is any other reason anyone can think of that this setup would work but not the other...I guess only maybe a bad cable from the modular power supply...I'll have to try the cable swap and see. I already swapped it to the other red female connection on the power supply and tried the other branch of the Y pci-E power cable...

Just glad it doesn't seem to be the card...
I've run into a similar situation in the past, only it was exposed when trying to push a system O/C that was pulling a lot more power under load. A spontaneous reboot (once a heavy graphics or CPU load is applied) usually does point to a power supply that isn't up to snuff.
I would agree. Also that TT Toughpower 750w of yours seems to be long in the tooth. It's served it's job and now time for a new replacement.

Using a Seasonic Prime Titanium 650w with my current setup. Rock solid unit.
Before you buy a new PSU, there's something you might want to try if you haven't already. Your current PSU is a split rail model with a max of 18A per 12v rail (216W). I can't find a block diagram indicating which modular ports are tied to which rails; but you might be able to get your system stable by swapping to a different PCIe output or using a 2x6 to 8 pin adapter to spread the load over 2 rails.

Given its age, and the fact that it was working previously, swapping it for a new one is probably the safest course; but if you're short on cash at the moment you might be able to safely delay the expenditure until your holiday bills are paid off.