Swiftech Apogee SKF TR4 Water Block Breakdown @ [H]


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May 18, 1997
Swiftech Apogee SKF TR4 Water Block Breakdown

We have been waiting for "the next" AMD Threadripper water block to show up on the market, and it is finally here. The limited edition Apogee SKF-TR4 "Heirloom Series" is a great looking piece of hardware so of course we want to take it apart and show you what is hidden beneath the extremely shiny exterior.
Just got the right drawings and my "visual aids" in the video are in fact within 1mm of being dead on in terms of die placement.
That looks really nice, I really wish Swiftech had parts in stock when I was looking to build my latest rig, but it seemed everything I wanted was out of stock. Their kit I bought is still in service from back in 2009 and doing a fine job!

Hope this performs as well in your testing!
Dam. Swiftech is stepping up their game. That's one beautiful piece of work they put out. Hopefully it'll perferform just as good as it looks!

Thanks for the vid/unvieling/unboxing kyle!
Looks like it will work well.
Nice block.
Bling and disco lights from Swiftech..............never saw that coming.
I have been noticing something of a renaissance in block aesthetics recently, and this is a good thing. That Swiftech is a damn fine looking piece of kit. It all comes down to personal preference, but I've always found EK blocks to be kinda fugly and just considered that to be the norm since they seem to be what most folks are buying. When my cousin decided to go watercooled on his rig, he went with the Koolance 390 based purely on how much better it looked as an overall unit than what was available at the time, especially from EK. Only piece of Koolance kit in his rig... :)
Kyle finally opens a box with a real razor knife instead of a coke chopper. Impressive!

OT: That's a nice looking block!
More spring....