Swamp cooler question


Mar 22, 2020
Just bought a swamp cooler for one of my rooms but considering to put it in my game room, will this be safe to do or not a good idea? It has a water tank and a small bottle up top that has to be cold in order for the air to be cold, let me know, thank you

Generally, the PC will be warmer than anything in the room, for this reason moisture will not condense on the PC or its parts. On top of that the PC will probably be blowing a lot of air around assuming you dont have a silent or fanless system. This will also protect it. That said over longer periods of time high humidity probably isn't good for various parts of a PC. But it would take years at which point you probably are ready to buy a new one. Most rational people would not trade years of sweating their asses off for the the chance a computer might fail over time.
Some folks live where swamp cooling is the primary home cooling method (I did, for 14 years). It'll be fine.

Not that it matters much I never like this rationale, I personally lived for 25 years with no AC or swamp cooling at all, only fans. It doesn't mean it didn't suck, and my life would have been way better with AC, just from an efficiency standpoint people who live without AC do a lot of shit slower or not at all because of the heat. Realistically AC is just a vastly better solution. It reduces humidity and keeps the air the right temperature. Swamp coolers are a janky low-cost bandaid that falls off all the time in exchange for some minor relief. If you really want to save money your best bang for your buck is just fans, if you want a real solution invest in AC.
If you are going to actively chill the water then sure, a swamp cooler is ok. Otherwise you will just end up with a humid room that will be the same temperature as it was without the swamp cooler.

How much time are you going to have to spend swapping the water out or adding ice to keep the water cold if it isn't actively cooled... which if it is, the heat from the cooler would need to be vented outside or you end up worse-off than before.

The computer should be ok.. but the high humidity will end up rusting anything that is iron/steel. Plus you will most likely end up with having mildew and a musty smell in that room.

I grew up in AZ and we used a swamp cooler until it got too hot out at which point a swamp cooler is pointless.
you guys gonna buy him a "proper" a/c unit?

A "proper" A/C window unit is not that much. a 5,000 BTU LG unit is a whopping $149 at Home Depot.

Looking at portable swamp coolers, that window A/C is only about $20 more than a portable swamp cooler at Home Depot.

A portable 8,000 BTU A/C is $244 from Home Depot if a portable unit is needed.

Is it worth it to get a proper A/C unit or have a bunch of stuff ruined in a room because of a swamp cooler making the humidity super high and not cooling the room very much at all to boot?
all he wanted to know is if its ok to run around a computer. not to be told hes doing it wrong and he needs to buy this or that.