Surface pro 2 or yoga 2/think-pad yoga?


Limp Gawd
Mar 6, 2010
Maybe someone with experience with the yogas or surface pro can give me some helpful recommendations.

I currently have an alienware M17x r3 but I hate traveling (vacations/flights) with it. I cant fit it into my camera bag and need to travel with two bags then.

I'm basically down to the think-pad yoga, yoga 2, or surface pro 2. I don't really game on the m17x anymore so I'm stuck at whether to keep it and travel with a surface 2. Or sell it and get one of the yogas. I like the idea of a tablet for being stuck in an airplane seat, but do those with these find the tablet mode worth it? Or do you end up just using it as a laptop 24/7? or vice versa where you feel a surface would of been a better purchase?

I have spent a limited time with the surface but zero with the yogas.
While not a review, it gives you some impressions about the Yoga 2:

I have an original Surface (non-Pro) and while I really like it, if you are going for the Pro model you'll want either a type or touch cover plus a mouse unless you love track pads. I was looking at a 256 GB Surface Pro 2 vs the Yoga 2 myself and the Yoga won out because of the nice keyboard, lesser cost, and a higher screen resolution.
I think thats why as of recently I started looking at the Thinkpad yoga more. 1080p still seem just to work better atm. Especially on a smaller screen like these.

For some back story info-
I have tried using an Asus transformer in the past when I traveled but always ended up wanting access to windows apps. Example light room to check out some pictures we took during the day. I already have a note 2 and the transformer quickly became worthless to use ever. Thats were I'm torn with these. I don't ever just sit on the couch and use the m17x because of its size/heat/weight. but it would be a nice option to be able to do so. Travel is when I tend to use a laptop the most though. at home it collects dust mainly due to its issues.
should also add if I wasn't working 72-84 hours a week I would just spend an hour at best buy playing around with these. I'm working straight through until my vacation days.
- Many of the Yoga 2 Pro reviews note that the super high resolution screen can be a pain to use, lots of programs don't place nice with the high density. And the screen eats more battery than a lower resolution screen.
- Many Yoga 2 Pro reviews complain about poor color reproduction and mustardy yellows...maybe a fix is coming for this?
- Thinkpad Yoga is really expensive, but more configurable.
- I recently got the Dell XPS 12 (like it a lot) and find that I use tablet mode all the time. Especially when combined with orientation lock, it's good for cramped spaces/airplanes, reading in bed, reading pdfs in portrait mode, etc.
went to bestbuy today and picked up a yoga 2 after using both for a bit. I was torn between both even after a hands on. It for me at least, came down to the bigger screen and much higher quality keyboard. The surface keyboard was much more flexible then I had expected. So far colors and scaling on everything have been great on the yoga.

Now I think I need to sell my M17x off after my vacation.
In a slightly smaller screen, I've got an HP Revolve that I really like a lot. Decent enough battery and still a great i5 chip with an SSD.
One thing to note with the yoga is that it does not have the new 802.11ac wifi capabilites with it. I dont know about the thinkpad yoga, but if it was me, i would look at the thinkpad x1 carbon if it was me, it has touch as well and a 1600p screen.

It is under 3 pounds i think, and made out of plastic composites and carbon fiber.
Oh, if it would apply to you for any reason, the Yoga does not have a TPM. Found that out the annoying way.