Supermicro Server questions


Feb 3, 2011
Its not possible to run a standard atx motherboard in a 2u supermicro chassis is it?

I was hoping to replace the server motherboard with an Ryzen system and use the case since it has the drive bays in front...

Seems possible so far with an adapter cable for the front panel pins, but theres another cable from the power supple that confuses me, it almost seems like its a sensor cable or something? does it have to be plugged in? Power SMB, will the chassis power up without this connected?
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If there are confusing cables probably not. ATX specification cables are pretty standardized. Supermicro does make ATX boards but not all of their boards and chassis are ATX. I wouldn't assume that most Supermicro chassis will accept just any board. Almost, most server power supplies are far from ATX and will more than likely not be compatible.
Every supermicro case I have seen will work with a standard atx mobo. The extra cable coming from the power supplies that looks like a small 4 or 5 pin connector (looks like half a usb header with a clip) is a sense/status for the power supplies, works fine with it disconnected. Power supply fan speed will be controlled internally.