Supermicro H8QGi/6 and H8QGL Next Generation OC BIOS

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Update: early adopters have received alpha version of the BIOS (H8QGi, H8QG6 and H8QGL). Development continues in a smooth fashion </knocks on wood>.

Hi Tear, any chance for an oc n00b to join the fun early on ? I'm just starting a "private R&D" CFD project on Numeca Fine Marine and OpenFoam, on an Ubuntu 14.04 box w/ Supermicro H8QGL-if/ 3*Opteron6348 ES and 1* production Opteron6348, these 16*4Gb RipjawsZ 1866-CL8-9-9-24 that i would really like to work at their design timing, 4 striped Plextor M6E PCIe SSD drives for the swap and working data raid, and separate SATA SSDs for the system and storage.

Can't wait to get the machine to the full potential (yes i also donated a couple days ago) and it would be so much easier to get into this in the workflow setup phase where stability isn't a big issue, rather than later on when i'll be deep into geometry, coherence checks and optimisation.

Sunny cheers from Marseille and many thanks for the amazing work !

Sorry for late reply but I got no notification from Paypal at all (even though everything went fine) -- weird.

In any event -- many thanks!. I've sent a very short survey and alpha BIOS your way, too. :)

Re your memory, this is probably memory with non-standard MTB value. Not sure if it will work
optimally with the alpha BIOS (haven't had a chance to test it yet).
I have some memory I can test with here -- will do so as soon as beta is out, which is very soon(tm).
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Unpacked and tested now ! Installation works like a charm and i do reach a 232 easily despite less than optimal single-fan Supermicro coolers. I sent you the logs. As you feared, the ripjawsZ don't behave well yet so i'm curious about the next versions.
It was a a sponsored development which has now concluded.

If you like and enjoy the result you are most welcome to donate :D

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