Super small 5L PC w/ full size GPU

Sep 12, 2015
Hello all, I just thought I would post some details of a PC I recently built:





The original case was an E Mini 2010 (£40), some modifications are necessary to fit a dual slot graphics card. To improve the appearance and reduce the dimensions of the case the front panel was replaced with a piece of guitar scratch plate material. The power switch is on a long cable housed separately from the case.

Processor is an Intel 6700k. PSU is HDPlex 250W. GPU in the picture is an ancient model, just used for reference while waiting for Polaris. Two 2.5" HDDS are installed but four drives would probably fit.

Note that the 2nd fan over the CPU heatsink doesn't quite fit with the case closed. But even without it the CPU temps are fine. Idle is around 36C, and under load it's around 57C.

Hope this is of interest to some of you.
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Great build :) I really like it. The only thing is that I wouldn't refer to a 17cm card as "full size"...
Thanks, any recommendations for a more appropriate name? I just wanted to distinguish from low profile or single slot graphics that most HTPC cases are restricted to.
I just tried to change it but I think I need a moderator to do it. If any are reading this please feel free to rename to "5L PC w/ dual slot GPU" (y)