Suggestions on what to do with this old work station

Jun 19, 2018
So, I'm picking up an old Dell Precision T7500 next week. The thing is only $15, so I couldn't refuse. Its running dual Xeon E5607s, which are 4c/4t each (8c/8t total) and running at 2.27ghz. I really don't have a real use for the thing, so I'm wondering what I should convert it into. Maybe a Web Server? A NAS? A Plex Server? I'm just not sure. Any recommendations or creative uses for this thing are welcome.
If you can't think of any use for it ... then you have no use for it.

And this thing (with its E5607) is slower than either of the two computers I junked last year. So I cannot think of any use for that Dell, either.

Bought it for $15? Maybe resell it for $30.
Couple of X5687 processors and a rx 480 580 video cards and it will game ok.

Its probably worth $100 if you were to resell
They are power hungry beasts. I have the same issue. Have a T7400 here with similar processors and 32gb of ram and idk what to do with it. it just stares at me.