Suggestions for PhysX performance benchmarks

Feb 3, 2014
I'm thinking of adding my old 8800GT to take the load off of my GTX760, but I'm not sure if the performance difference is going to be great enough to offset the additional power consumption and heat production.
Does anyone have suggestions for an accurate physx performance benchmark?
I think FluidMark is the best you're going to find. For real-world performance I say just play any PhysX-enabled game and judge for yourself based on how the framerate is smoothed out. The Batman games all come with their own benchmarks, too, if you need to see the actual numbers. Though I would think pairing that 8800GT to your GTX 760 would bring overall performance down.
Thanks for the suggestions :) I'm waiting on a new motherboard from someone on the forums so I can accommodate a second card (should be here Thursday). In the mean time, I'm going to run FluidMark to familiarize myself with it. Once I have the new mobo I'll post some benchmark results with and without the 8800Gt
The 8800gt is going to slow down the 760 compared to running the 760 with PhysX turned off.

A GTS250 (about the same as a 9800GTX+) was best paired with a card the speed of the ATI 4850/70.

I would think you would need somewhere around a GTX460 to pair with the 760 if you want a dedicated PhysX card.
cyclone is right I tried an 8800gt and it slowed down my old 570. I actually did put a 460 in there and got smoother play.