suggestion for cheap headphone


Jan 20, 2005
just want something to use to listen to music or gaming on the computer
no more than 50 bucks? :p suggestions please! i'm fairly clueless as to where to start looking
AKG 26P for something portable and great sounding

Sennheiser HD201 for cheap but usable
the AKG K26P is not bad for portable use(I have one), but the sound is a bit muddy though, so keep that in mind.
Do you expect to use them for any length of time?
For the price, the Sennheiser HD497 are ok.

I would also look into the Beyerdynamic DT231 (velour ear pads........ ORGASMIC), and the akg's.

If I was going to buy a new headphone in the sub 60$ range, my first one to listen to and try on would be the DT231.

As always, strive to listen to headphones in person and try them on your head for feel and extended period comfort.

If your looking for a website that gives little opinions on headphones, check out
Most of their reviews are pretty decent based on my experience.

~Hope this helps, and keep us posted.
i really like my sennheiser hd-202's, havn't had a chance to try the 201's yet though
You can't go wrong with the Sennheiser HD201 for $20. I have them and I can't get enough of them. I'm telling you now: You _cant_ go wrong with them.