Stutter, Skipping AUDIO - MOBO Gigabyte X470

Jun 23, 2019
Motherboard is Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming Ultra, CPU is AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

Every few minutes while watching video/audio, streamed or saved content, the audio will Stutter or Skip making it impossible to understand audio. It's like the Pause-Play has been press 100 times in a few milliseconds. It sounds like a jaring BUZZING Vibration while the video is not disturbed. Imagine an eletric razor voice or those devices people press against their throat and it sounds like a robot?

Anyway, it's driving me crazy and I have asked for help on this one topic and I guess I am the only people with this problem on this MOBO?

MY BIOS is F6, if this has a fix please tell me which BIOS I should use to fix this?

My current F6 Bios is dated 1/25/2019 and their are 10 newer ones but I have no idea if I should go to the next one or the absolute Newest one? I cannot find any online guides in how to make this dicision?

Which BIOS would fix this AUDIO problem?
Or is this not a MOBO issue? A Driver or something else?

Sorry for being so wordy and THANK YOU
Check your latency. Make sure u have latest bios and mb drivers - especially sound of course

Latency checker

Latency monitor

I ran BOTH of those and each shows no problems...

BIOS though, do I upgrade to the next one above my current version OR the Newest Most Recent BIOS Available on GigaByte Website??

Also, do I install the MOBO Audio drivers which are for the Realtek audio OR do I install the ones from the REALTEK Website?

Thank you and please anyone else, please please jump in here..
Newest bios. MOBO audio or Realtek driver.. whichever is newer and most relevant. unfortunately, realtek sux.

I got a add in board. Asus Xonar STX

ALSO - u nay have an IRQ conflict. check the irq on your sound and what it maybe sharing with.
I had to get a Soundblaster Z and usb card to get my x470 working 100%.
update the bios to the newest one. go to realteks site and get the newest drivers from there. go to amd and get the newest chipset drivers too.
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My previous build using a x470 Taichi with the Realtek ALC1220 audio had persistent audio problems that I could never square away. Stuttering, static - nothing I did would fix it. I ended up just getting an external USB audio (Sound Blaster).

At the time the 1220 was supposed to be one of the top audio chips from Realtek too. Who knows? /shrug
You ALL have given three great places to start checking/looking maybe buying. Other well known forums have ZERO REPLIES to this question?

have a nice WEEKEND...I hope I can call on you again and don't forget me :drowning:
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You might also check your codecs on the machine, if in doubt look at and grab the klite codec pack. Also are you using an analog out or hdmi for your sound?
I was never able to get my first gen Ryzen setup to work 100% well with my preamp/PA setup... And that grounding buzz and stutter, especially with high CPU loads... Could get mighty annoying with 750wrms behind it.

USB DAC was the only solution, I bought a cheap one off aliexpress and built it myself. Spent around 20$