Stupid question but gotta ask cause I don't know


Oct 28, 2001
Does the amount of memory affect the boot time?

I'm putting together my latest and greatest Dually based on a Supermicro X8DAL-i and 2 X5675's. It's got 96GB of ram and takes forever to POST. Nothing appears on the screen for the first 2 to 3 minutes. After it get past POST all is normal. The memory was tested for 2 solid days and passed. So I was wondering if it's the amount of memory causing the slow post time or if it might be something else. This board doesn't have IPMI so that's not it.
Well, can you remove a few sticks to test lol ? (Sorry I have no experience in this amount of RAM but I supposed you had more than 1 stick...)
Depends on your POST routine in your BIOS settings. I don't know for your exact mobo, but lots of mobos do testing on the RAM. From past recollection, you can either turn this memory testing to full, quick, or off.
Quick boot is enabled which I think means memory isn't tested. I'm going to dig some more tomorrow and see what I can find.
It can, my first question would be is all that ram matched? Do you have 2+ different sets of timing and latency sets it has to sort through?
They can affect boot times on SuperMicro boards. I think they all do a quick check every boot. I found 2 faulty slots that way.
Some MOBOs do test memory (not just quick test) during boot up, so it takes some time. Thus, I would say yes; it would affect the boot time. You can disable this testing in BIOS, I believe.
Supermicro boards aren't gamer boards.
They're workstation/server spec boards.
As such they pretty much always do memory checks.
So. if you have a bajillion gigs in the thing, expect it to take a bit.