Study Finds 4% of Search Results Malicious

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Dec 31, 1969
McAfee has released the results of its Search Engine Safety study and the company claims that 4% of search results are malicious and 7% of sponsored links are. McAfee ranked AOL search as the safest, followed by Google. Yahoo had the highest number of potentially risky links in its search results.

"The State of Search Engine Safety," a recent study by McAfee's SiteAdvisor group, has some classic good news and bad news for Internet surfers. Using several automated techniques, the SiteAdvisor study determined that 4 percent of the query results offered by the major search engines lead to potentially dangerous Web sites, and the total for sponsored links is nearly twice as high at 7 percent.
No one cares about Yahoo!

And why? That god-damn, inescapable exclamation point that ends sentences awkwardly or with needless excitement.
Should be interesting... I wonder what google will be doing with the software security company that they purchased? Perhaps a special secure toolbar function intigrated into the google toolbar?