Strix 3090 RGB Disable


Limp Gawd
Sep 28, 2020
Aside from unplugging the LED cable, is there any practical way to disable the RGB lights?
I know they can be turned off by installing armory crate but this requires leaving the software installed with TSRs which I do NOT want.
I have Corsair keyboards that let me set the backlight and save the settings and it remembers regardless of where the keyboard goes which is nice. This would be the preferred way.


Couldn't take it any more! Unplugged the little connector, with some patience and decent tools it's possible to do without removing the heatsink and/or wrecking anything! So much better without the discotheque appearance. ;-)

EDIT: I just realized this is under AMD when it should be nvidia! Duh! Maybe time to put it out of its misery! ;-)
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