Street Fighter V (Exclusive to PS4 and PC!)

I like almost all of the Street Fighter games and they all have their own unique charm. I think what this one is lacking is depth. When did you last see someone do something you didn't know was possible? When did you last see someone using a technique you'd never seen anyone else try? I haven't, and I watched most of EVO and Capcom Cup, too. There aren't any techniques (like 'isms in Alpha or Focus Attacks in SF4) that provide room to develop a unique style. It makes the game accessible for anyone to do what they just watched NuckleDu or Daigo do. Yet at the same time, it can make the matches feel stale. There isn't even any excitement in large combos, tough links, or crazy techniques. The games can still have win/loss drama, but the only time you really get any excitement is when people are using obscure characters like Vega or Ibuki. It's still tough to master, but the path from new to "good" is as small as it has ever been.

That is very true. On the other hand, I probably haven't been looking for any of that since around Alpha 2 or 3. :D I'll be 40 in another month, so I'm no longer relevant in the fighting scene. :D Now it's just scotch, cigars, and fighting games (from Nidhogg to SFV to DOA, to old SNK fighters like Last Blade 2 and Samurai Showdown 4.) Otherwise I'm off playing other old-people games like RPGs and id Software shooters :D

When I reach the age where all I play is strategic world and civilization based games kill me. :p
Same age here. I actually gave up on SF3 back when it was fairly new. I never liked most of the characters and that was back when arcades were starting to die, too.
I barely touched any Street Fighter games for 6-7 years, although during that time I did become quite good at Tekken and FPS games like CS.
These days I feel Tekken got too bloated and I'm typically too lazy to play twitch shooters anymore.
I think what I like about SF is the ease of popping in, getting a few games in , and bailing. There's no need to commit 1/2 hour or even 10 minutes. I just need 2-3 minutes here and there. I might end up playing a few hours, but I don't need to.
As a Guile player I'm actually happy to see the switch back to a 3 bar v-trigger. Many will see it as a nerf, but I use v-reveral 95% of the time. Having a 3 bar v-trigger gives me a bit more flexibility longer into the match.
As a Guile player I'm actually happy to see the switch back to a 3 bar v-trigger. Many will see it as a nerf, but I use v-reveral 95% of the time. Having a 3 bar v-trigger gives me a bit more flexibility longer into the match.

Good point. I play Zangief, so I almost never use v-reversals. Mainly because his v-trigger is really good/damaging and the last thing I usually want to do is create distance. Unless I'm dealing with the other grapplers' 50/50 mix-ups or some rabid pitbull Ken I forget that I even have 'em. I do love exploiting people that overuse v-reversals, though. I keep an SPD buffered once someone starts using them. SPD (or super) > v-reversal.
So happy dhalsim is getting a new, safer low move. That's the only thing he lacked.
Dhalsim will forever be my nemesis thanks to my character choices :p. At least Zangief has some ranged moves this time, though. I actually think this is potentially the most balanced Street Fighter to date at this point. It certainly has its share of flaws, but I think all but a couple characters (mainly FANG) are completely viable contenders. I still hope they add some new gameplay mechanics, though. It really does feel like if you've seen one match you've seen 'em all.
Haha yeah that's a tough matchup. It can be done though! I have experienced it first hand, multiple times.

I really like the balance and ease of this game. Allows me to focus more on my opponent, rather than too many mechanics.

Still rage every now and then though, haha
I occasionally get mad, but in SF5 I find myself knowing why I lost immediately. I don't lose many first-to-3 sets because I can see what went awry and adjust. In SF4 that wasn't always possible. There were too many bad matches and too much room for execution errors. I think that's why you'd always see SnakeEyez essentially out-waiting people and so many of his matches came down to the final seconds. Zangief just couldn't be aggressive in that game. T. Hawk could, but he just didn't have enough tools most of the time.
This time it feels like Zangief has the right tools for most situations and you can press forward. When I lose I feel it's almost always because I was either outplayed or did something stupid.

I do hope we get another character with a suction-style command grab, though. I know like 1/2 the cast has a command grab, but they all lack range. I want someone else who can grab after blocked sweeps and who can beat jabs by grabbing outside their range.
My Capcom Fighter ID is RubiconTitan if anyone wants to hit me up.

Hit Diamond rank a few weeks back and haven't played much ranked since. Been doing battle lounges to keep the muscle memory (also because I was getting annoyed of the stupid "results not reported to server" message) while I play thru some other games on my backlog.. Still haven't finished Witcher 3, Rise of Tomb Raider, Last of Us Remastered, and Breath of the Wild.

I still play SFV almost daily to keep the muscle memory though. Even 20-30 minutes a day helps.
Diamond, damn. I stopped when I got Silver and have only touched ranked since when there are points on the line :p
I read somewhere that something like 90% of the players are between Bronze and Super Silver so I just loiter there. There are some fantastic players at that level and some absolutely horrid ones. I think I feel for Ryu players the most. I don't think I've dropped at single set to Ryu since season 2 started and I've definitely been outplayed more than once.
Yup, I run into like 95% Urien, Balrog, Guile, and Karin. I almost never encounter FANG, Vega, or Dhalsim. I see an even mix of the others, with a surprising number of other Zangiefs. I could go weeks without seeing any other Giefs and Hawks in SF4.
After playing like a dozen consecutive Kolins on launch day I have yet to see anyone playing her since.
I fear Guile the most, but I think most online players only choose him because he's supposedly the best character. I've only run into a couple that didn't spaz out when I closed in.
Ya, I was an Akuma player in SF4 and decided to go with Ken (another shoto) when SFV launched. After playing Ken for a couple months, I had an epiphany and realized that I'm a super conservative/defensive player (not only in Street Fighter but other competitive games as well). As soon as Guile came out (last April I think), I made the switch and never looked back.
If Guile isn't the best character SF5, he has to be close. The few times I've played really good Guiles I feel almost powerless. EX booms are just too quick, too.
I play with reckless abandon to get in since I'm Zangief. Definitely more Itazan than SnakeEyez. At least SF4 SnakeEyez. He used to be pretty aggressive in the HD Remix days.
SF5 kinda favors that pitbull sort of approach rather than spending 60 seconds to setup a single green hand sequence, so I appreciate that.
I just hope I get another grappler with a vacuum grab soon.
Faster loading and matches would be very welcome on my end. It feels like I spend a lot more time waiting around for matches in this game than in others. That includes SF4 and the Tekken games. It doesn't take that long to find an opponent, but the whole process of actually getting to the matches takes forever.

Online play is mostly really good right now, though. I think my only request would be to limit my matches to other players in the US. Even when I choose that I only want 4-5 star connections, I can count on matches vs. Brazil, north Europe, Jamaica, and occasionally Mexico to suck.
I only play 2-person battle lounge, so not being able to see the connection bars and the region of other players is super frustrating.

On top of that, i always end up joining a japan lounge by mistake, and they always kick me immediately. This sometimes results in a hanging screen where i can't press or do anything for around a minute. If this happens, i end up losing all willingneds to play and end up closing the game.

If they can fix this situation with this update, that would be amazing. Its probably the only thing that holds thus game back for me. In fine with the balance, graphics, and mechanics.
My approach has always just been to choose Casual Match and to set the connection requirement to 4-5. Early on it would take forever to get matches, but it's been pretty quick lately. The game's loading times are still horrendous (even on a solid state), but it at least seems to find matches pretty quickly. I do question how some of those connections are 4-5, though. I swear that 75% of my matches vs. Brazil are a mess. Not like I'm 6,000+ miles from Rio anything :p I play them pretty frequently, too. I bet at least a quarter of my matches are either Mexico or Brazil with pretty much no opponents anywhere else in Central or South America.
Excited to give this a try. I popped on last night and got thumped by players I'd normally blank. Too much Zelda :p
Played a bit last night. I'm still not playing all that well as of late. Basically went .500 after months of winning 90%.
I don't know if Zangief's new moves actually have all that much practical use. The headbutt does a lot of stun, but not nearly as much as in previous games. It's about 40% of their stun gauge, but with the air SPD serving the same purpose (but better), it's a gamble.
The grab on crouching people is mostly just an animation change. It doesn't do any more damage or stun that I can tell. I think it might leave you in better position afterward, but it's not going to make Zangief the next Karin or anything.
The kick counter seems VERY specific. I tried it vs. several jump kicks and I don't think it catches them. If it does, the timing is really tight and normal D+HP followed by a mix-up would be better. It *might* be useful against Ken, Juri, or Dhalsim but if anything it puts them in position to bait it because you're open for days after trying it. It's not like Tekken where ground-based kicks are part of everyone's regular arsenal.
what about the beta though, are the connections better and MM?

This was on the beta. It has the new moves and whatnot. I didn't notice any difference in matchmaking (most players are on PS4 anyway) or online play.

EDIT: Just played for about an hour. Not noticing a difference in the online play. Some matches are good, some are a little laggy. Just like before. Overall it's still quite good and probably even better than SF4's. With matchmaking, it's almost like it has to "warm up" for a few minutes. Getting that first bout took like 3-4 minutes but after that they tend to come every minute or so. It isn't a massive difference, but they do seem to come a hair more frequently than with the shipping version.
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Welp, EVO is in the books and we have a new DLC character on the way next week, Abigail:
Tokido was in the zone last night. He rattled Punk at the very end. Only Itazan was able to really push him. I really hoped a 'Gief would take it, but a top 4 finish is nothing to sneeze at.

Abigail Should be interesting. That's absolutely the type of character I usually play, but it feels like he has little to no mobility and is more of super-armor brawler. I'm not sure how that's going to play out. Some of his animation looks pretty lazy, IMO. I got the same vibe from Ed and a few of the new moves they added in Season 2.5. The animations just don't look smooth. Anyway, I can only hope he has some sort of vacuum grab. Grapplers that only have point blank command grabs never do it for me.
With Abigail being official, at this point it's all but guaranteed that the next 2 characters will be the Egyptian Fortune Teller and Guy's master, Zeku. The guy that outed Ed and Abigail hasn't been wrong.
Interesting. I actually haven't played this in a little while. Got wrapped up in other things (Prey, Borderlands (1 and 2), and now Dead Cells) but my fighting game bursts come in cycles. I've actually been thinking about grabbing the new KoF game actually. Still, I guess I'll need to drop in and try out some of the new things since I last played.
To be honest, not that much has changed about the game. 90% of the patch updates only affect specific matches at high levels. The characters are mostly well-balanced at this stage. FANG and Alex might struggle with a lot of matches, but the other characters all seem completely viable from the lowest to the highest levels.

Kolin and Ed are the main additions over the last 6-7 months.
Kolin is like a hybrid of Dhalsim and Chun Li. She can be very zone and counter heavy, but she also has the ability to close in and lock people down. She might not be great for beginners, but she can do huge chunks of damage with her counters and traps.
Ed is unique in that all of his moves are essentially command normals. No motions or charges needed, just a direction and a button. He has a mash move (like Honda's hands or Chun's legs), but he's generally a character who can rely on strategy more than execution. He's not bad, either. Abigail might have a weird design, but people are digging him thus far. He's unique and probably has some bad matches, but he can do INSANE amounts of damage in a hurry. He can also reflect any projectile in the game including Rashid's tornado and Dhalsim's super fireball.
Gameplay-wise he feels a little like Hugo, but he's much less reliant on grabs. In fact, his grabs generally aren't great, but they work nicely when people are forced to shell up.
It'll be interesting to see what kind of legs he has as a character. I can see him being like Hugo in SF x Tekken. Minimal tools when someone is playing lame, but if he gets in things can turn-around in a hurry.
What's the fastest way to get the new characters?

Buy the season pass?
I'm assuming you mean without paying. The quickest way to earn fight money is via the story mode for each character. You should be able to blow through all of them in about 20 minutes. Just skip the dialogue. You start each match in story mode with full v-trigger and super so you can just unload immediately to speed up the process.
The large story mode can be handled in a similar way. Just skip the movie portions. I think you can probably complete it in 15-20 minutes if you skip all of the cutscenes.
Survival mode also works. Just complete it on the easiest setting with each character. That's about a 7-10 minute playthrough for each character. Don't get fancy, just stick to fundamentals and don't be afraid to heal after each match if you don't know your character very well. It's not overly tough if you just bull rush and keep up the pressure.
Capcom has weekly "challenges" that offer up 7,000'ish fight $ starting each Sunday. Some of the challenges are kind of challenging, but the weekly 5K challenge tends to be quick and easy. Just google the solution.
Lastly, apparently everyone who logs in to the game during August gets a bunch of free fight money for the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter.

If you do all of those things you should have enough fight money for at least 2 (maybe even 3) characters.

first attempt at a custom stick. Going to have to figure something out for the PCB.. it doesn't fit on the mount sadly.
That's really cool looking. Sometimes I wish I was still a stick player, but that ship sailed for me a long time ago. I'm still passable, but whenever I encounter a coin-op machine I feel like I'm spazzing out with any rotation moves.

first attempt at a custom stick. Going to have to figure something out for the PCB.. it doesn't fit on the mount sadly.

Looks nice! I haven't built a stick setup in a while, but I've been meaning too. I actually laid out a pair of them that will be milled 6mm thick aluminum (anodized blue of course :D ) They will act individually for laptop use, but will also both drop into a custom, standing table, side-by-side for multiplayer use, or dual stick use (for things like Robotron). One has a track ball, the other doesn't. I hope to have some time to build it up in the near future, but all my electronics project time has been going into my analog synthesizers lately.
At first I thought she was a bit generic, but I've watched a few more videos, and it looks like she might actually be a fun character to play on occasion.
She is quite possibly the character I am least inclined to play ever. That said, I like how unique the character is. There are some obvious similarities to Rose, but the orb back and forth adds a totally new dimension. It feels like she has huge comeback potential thanks to the juggle properties on her super and v-trigger. Her damage is low...until you find yourself getting hit 6-7 times off of nearly every orb shot.

This pretty much confirms Zeku (Guy's master) as the final DLC character for this season. Pretty interesting how Capcom has made different archetypes for the characters this season. You have Zeku (a rushdown), Menat (a zoner), Abigail (a brawler), and Ed (a hybrid).

This also heavily points to Sakura and Sagat coming next season. The guy that outed this season said they were on the way. It doesn't mean they'll play even remotely the same way, but they're coming.
To almost no ones surprise, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is incoming:
New V-Triggers, a new UI, Arcade mode, and some bonus modes.
Free for existing owners, although it doesn't add any non-purchased DLC characters.
$39 as a stand-alone product which DOES seem to include the DLC characters. Considering the season pass for Seasons 1 & 2 (+ the cost of the game itself) is something like $75, it's a good deal.
Interesting. I'll be looking forward to giving it a whirl. I just had a bit of a nerd-party with some old friends the other day, and after we brought down a bottle of whiskey among other things, I ended up grabbing some more characters, and we played SFV until around 2AM. :D I hadn't yet grabbed Akuma who is typically one of my go-to characters. He feels ok so far. I'd say that I like him a little bit better in IV Ultimate, but not bad. I also tried out Menat. I was expecting her to basically be a Rose copy, but she's a little more versatile than that. I was a bit too tipsy by the time I started using her to really get all of her moves and nuances just right, but she's a bit more interesting than I thought she'd be.

What I really determined though, is that I need to build a new arcade control set. It's time.
To almost no ones surprise, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is incoming:
New V-Triggers, a new UI, Arcade mode, and some bonus modes.
Free for existing owners, although it doesn't add any non-purchased DLC characters.
$39 as a stand-alone product which DOES seem to include the DLC characters. Considering the season pass for Seasons 1 & 2 (+ the cost of the game itself) is something like $75, it's a good deal.

Finally! Now I just have to wait for a decent special.