Steam Summer Sale!!


[H]F Junkie
Feb 22, 2012
I picked up Super Hot, Doom VR, and Five Nights at Freddys (which was full price but the kids are going to lose their shit.)

You guys find any good deals on must haves? I am a bit out of the loop on VR games.
I got a few games including Mutant League Football. Takes me back to the old game on Sega Genesis.
dirt rally 2.0, u get dirt rally and dirt 4 also, for a very low cost as a bundle, for 20usd i think or 180 nkr. but i had dirt rally and dirt 4 from before, they are good games also. prety much a steal i would say. now just have to download a 60 gig file with 10 mb internet wich blows but it will be done overnight. really have been unsure lately if anything is worth my time, but dirt is always a classic for me.
Don't think I will be picking up anything in the VR section of the sale.
I really enjoyed Super Hot way more than I thought I would.