Steam Holiday sale 2021 from December 22 to January 5, 2022 10 AM PST


Jan 20, 2005



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, nerds, geeks, and the rest of you dateless wonders. The 2021 Steam Christmas sale is here!! Sale runs from December 22 to January 5, 2022, 10 AM PST

Deals worth checking out

Doom Eternal $14.99
Doom Franchise bundle $36.40
Halo: The Master Chief Collection $19.99
Black Mesa $4.99
Transistor $3.99
Hades $16.24
Pyre $4.99
Barotrauma $7.99
Hollow Knight $7.49
Bastion $2.99
Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst $1.99
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom $9.89
Frostpunk $8.99
Terraria $4.99
Friday the 13th: The Game $3.74
Graveyard Keeper $4.99
Undertale $2.99

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Yeah, for me if it's a AAA game I'm not going to be interested in it and if it's an cool looking Indie game I'll already have it. All of the games on my wishlist are just kind of "maybe I'll pick it up one day" and the highest discount is 50% off which isn't really enough to push me.
Epic and their stupid coupons are evil. The few games I have seen I might pick up... I stop myself thinking if I get it on Epics store I can also take $14 Canadian off at checkout. As much as I would rather support steam and have games on my steam account 14 bucks is 14 bucks right now. I will probably grab the Elite dangerous expansion... its only 30% off was waiting for the xmas sale figured with the critical kicking it took it would have got a bigger discount.
I wish the F-86 and MiG-15 DLC for DCS sim would go below $25 each. They go on sale a lot but never below $25

Anyone remember Mig Alley Ace?
I wish the F-86 and MiG-15 DLC for DCS sim would go below $25 each. They go on sale a lot but never below $25

Anyone remember Mig Alley Ace?

I paid $35 for F/A-18. I'd buy F-16 for that much, but currently they're both $55.

I want the Ace Combat 7 plane DLC with the MIG-35 as well, of course, that is the one DLC that is not on sale. I'll probably wait a few months and maybe they'll do a DLC pack and that will go on sale.
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I nabbed Titanfall 2 for $5. I used to play it, I could try again.

Battlefield 4 is $10. yay or nay?
I picked up Call of Duty WWII. Last of the games I had not purchased when I switched back to #pcmasterrace from when I was slumming it on my wife's PS4.
Is Friday the 13th still online play? I thought they shut it down a few years back due to copyright BS.
My wishlist is another wall of 20-30% discounts. If it's not at least 50% then it's not worth my attention.