Steam Halloween Sale!

hurray, a steam sale I don't care about! I am not a fan of "horror" titles (no way in hell I'd ever play a horror game with a VR headset either!) and a baby has absolutely destroyed my ability to have time to do anything remotely entertaining (as I convince my wife I'm currently working at the computer :D)
Hah. I was about to drop $200 on Articy Draft too - just picked it up for $60. Totally slipped my mind that there is a Halloween sale on Steam.
I kinda wish they had a pre-order for Outlast 2 on sale. After the demo, I'm in.
There's a few on there.. Warhammer quest for 1.49.. Deer god for 1.49.. Black Mesa for 7.99.. Shadows of Mordor for 9.99.. and a confusing one.

If I have Arkham Knight.. but want to the season pass for the other DLCs - do I want for the summer pass to go down from 19.99 or get the 'premium edition' where it says it is 16.99 which comes with the main game and the season pass.. ugh.
Hmm...I wonder if it's worth waiting for the winter sale. In July they had VR titles discounted to 40-50% off. The deals don't seem quite as good right now.
I am waiting personally. I want Pool Nation VR, Audioshield and SPT, But both PN and SPT were lower in price before and I am in no hurry to want to play any of them. Tonight H3VR :)
Don't see one game in that sale I want. Steam sells way too many garbage titles now. Just about every sale is 10% good and 90% garbage games but this one looks like 99% garbage to me.