Stargate - Atlantis


Sep 30, 2004
This is gonna be my log for my Stargate: Atlantis mod that I'll be working on. It orignally started out with me wanting to make a working minature of the SG-1 Stargate. After I figured out how much it would cost to have those parts made, and I saw the Project SG-1 mod in these forums, I decided I should to an Atlantis mod.

Some of the ideas I want to incorporate into the design are:
1. A dialing atlantis gate + DHD
2. A ZPM module to turn on the system
3. An Atlantis style stained glass window
4. I spoke with Sobek from the SG-1 mod and he gave me the idea of lighted columns

Right now I'm just in the planning stages of what I want to do, I've been designing the window in Illustrator. Here are some pics of things I'm going to try and incorporate:

1. The Atlantis Gate + Window

2. The ZPM


For dialing the gate, I'm going to hookup a LED matrix to a USB controller and write some software that will detect the DHD pushes and dial the appropriate glyphs, play the sounds etc.

I'm going to try and geek out on this and make it as cool as possible.
Awesome ideas so far and I need to go to Sci-Fi's website since they seem to have new pics based on the ones you posted.
Here's another idea. Etch the "Stargate Atlantis" logo into some plexi, make it a case badge, or dremel it out and backlight it somewhere on the case. I'm going to do the same thing for my Stargate SG-1 Mod.

You should try to paint the inside of the case similar to the paint scemes on the show as well.