SSUPD Meshroom S & Meshroom D

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SSUPD had their new case(s) up on their website for a few hours. They've since been removed, but a Reddit post linked the archived pages. From the pictures, it looks like the Meshroom S is basically an updated Meshlicious, while the Meshroom D is slightly bigger, a little wider, and lies on its side. Possible mATX support and can let the GPU plug directly into the MB without the need for a riser cable.

I'm looking forward particularly to the Meshroom S, but I'd be open to the Meshroom D as well. I've heard they're going to be available for preorders at the beginning of July, but I'm not sure how reliable that info is. I was going to get a Meshlicious but I'm holding off for the new cases, in hopes that one or both might support a mATX board. We'll see.


Feb 11, 2008
Meshroom D looks like a MasterBox NR200-ish layout. Just finished a build in a NR200, would have preferred to put it in the Meshroom D, but oh wells. Having a build also in a Meshlicious, I'd be interested to see what the actual differences are. Meshlicious is tight, but it was a fun build for sure.