SSD Position ?


Limp Gawd
Jan 15, 2019
Hi so i have a asus x670 e-e amd ddr5 board and i just happen to notice in my manual so it says when m.2-3 is enabled pciex-16 will run at 8x , then it says when installing a PCIe gen 5.0 m.2 ssd, we recommend installing it to the m.2-1, m.2-2, or m.2-3 slot. this is all they tell u i hate that !! anyway
ok so to let u guys know i am not to good with computer stuff so i could ask a bunch of questions but i can make it easy. so i have 2 m.2 ssd cards from a few years ago that i put into this board one is in m.2 slot 1 and the other is in m.2 slot 3 so with my ssd cards am i not supposed to have my 2nd one which is the storage drive in m.2-3 ? have i been running my rtx 4090 at half speed?

thanks guys so much
Don't sweat it. PCIe x8 4.0 is plenty for the 4090 :).
oh lol ok it's just i read so much how everyone tries to squeeze every ounce of proformance and then i read i might be at 8x!!! lol sorry one more ? i just realized so the way i had it set up could that be the reason since i got this board a few weeks ago and like a did a 12 gig update on flight sim my last board 550 with my drive took like 3 min this last time with this board it took 2 hours?