Soulja Boy Is Back with a New Handheld, a Sony Vita Rip-Off


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Aug 20, 2006
Soulja Boy won’t give up: the rapper has returned with a yet another knock-off game system, the “SouljaGame Handheld,” a portable that looks very much like Sony’s Vita. While copyright infringement isn’t as blatant here (no ROMs appear to be involved), it’s still another scam: the system can be found on AliExpress for around $30, but Soulja wants $100.

Your SouljaGame Handheld also comes with “stereo sound speakers,” and comes out of the box with support for JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and PNG image formats. In case you aren’t in the business of using your handheld to photoshop with, it has “practical functions,” such as a calendar, calculator and even a stopwatch so you can time yourself on how long it takes for you to realize that you were sold a Vita rip-off.
Who is the fool? Soulja Boy or the manufacturers dumb enough to think this will be profitable and not be sued?
I wonder how many he has sold. Solja Boy brand instills quality... Sorry I feel sick now.
$100 for something that's sells for around $30 already?
Pretty sure his target audience wouldn't know where to get the ROMs.
Pretty sure his target audience wouldn't know where to get the ROMs.

For the inflated price at least put a Soulja Boy sticker or logo on there!

His own website's description lists the item as:

Package includes:
1 x MP5 Game Player

No attempt at anything resembling him trying to make this something unique for his branding purposes...just utter blatant rip off. I wonder what his sales are. Whoever ends up buying these they are probably shipping direct from AliExpress anyway ha ha.
I wonder what he'll do once he becomes a man
And they say there's no such thing as bad PR.

Soulja: Revolutionizing What They Say
If there are no roms then game companies must likely can't do nothing as emulators themselves are perfectly legal as long as they don't contain the original ip (mainly bios).
I say let him sell it. Sony couldn't get anyone to buy them so I would be surprised that a knock off would sell.
so when is he legit going to jail for this? This is fraud
Still want to know which Chinese casino he's deeply in debt over that requires him to put his face on these products... or has his life really fallen that hard on times that he's going the Amazon business route of buying a bunch of knock off crap from Alibaba and slinging it with a new name attached
Ok so either he or one of his assistants surfs Alibaba or Aliexpress, finds to random knockoff product then adds Soulja to the beginning of the product name. BAM its Souljatampon, and Soulja umm dildo. Like damn dude your not even trying anymore. And of course they don't even bother to un Engrish the descriptions. I do like that is Souljawatch, ow my brain hurts, has 2 shipping options from China or from the Russian Federation.
so, Nintendo stuck their foot up his bottom end and he liked it? Guess so...

oh and some of those have rom unlock codes to get the roms back...
I feel bad for any dumb kids who give money to this guy. This is hardware that is so awful that he aliexpress listing doesn't even detail the specs. It literally just states that you're buying an "MP5" player (not a thing) that has 8gb of memory and a bunch of presumably useless extra buttons. I would be surprised if it could emulate even a 16bit console game.

This clown is blatantly trying to scam kids, he needs more punishment than a lawsuit from Nintendo.
Maybe he thinks sony is a much more easy going company and will let this go.....