Sometimes getting warning about posting to quickly?

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Mar 14, 2006
I'll write a post in the quick response box and it'll sit there for a bit and then I'll get an error saying I need to wait before I make a second post? This has happened on my work and home computer using Chrome 9 and FF 3.6.

My original post still gets made. It's almost like the notice that my post has been made isn't getting back to my browser?
I had this problem last night. The thing is that I did not post anything at all for 16+ hours before that. Once I posted the thing, I had a double post that I had to edit.

Using Safari 5.0.3 in Win 7 64-bit.
Just had this happen. Clicked the post button, it told me I had to wait 30 seconds. Figured there was some error & waited 30 seconds, clicked it again. Ended up double posting. :(

Using Safari on OS X.
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