Someone kind enough to assist me with a tattoo design for my 3 dogs.. I will pay you.


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Sep 8, 2003
I have ZERO photoshop skills and hoping someone would be kind enough to spend a little time helping me design my next tattoo of my 3 dogs. My goal is to make a single tattoo with the faces of my 3 dogs. A Bassett Hound (in black and brown) A Pitbull (In tan and white) and a German Shepard (in mostly black and brown).. Just looking for faces kinda cartoony (if that makes sense) I will pay you for your time via paypal. It would be greatly appreciated. Any questions please ask, or PM me. Thanks a million
update.... I found the pictures, but if someone help me crop them together, and add a few things. Can you put the helmet on the basset hound and make it look nice, and add a "5" in the plaquard on the helmet please, and place basset in the center, pitbull on the right, and shepard on left. Here are the pics. Just want them to all look happy together and the 3 to fit in well. Thank you so much


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he will probably insist on redoing anything you bring to him anyways. at least thats how every artist i know works. usually you pay a deposit that goes towards the design and final price. then if you back out they get paid for their design time.
nah, my guy is different. I just txt'd him those pics above and told him to work his magic. done deal. I just wanted to see if someone could colab those pics together for me so I could see a visual of what it would look like, but my appt is the 27th and will just see it then
So, ah, did you have to pay extra to not have them turn out as furries, or was that standard with your tattoo guy? :D