SOMA Is Free on GOG

Had no clue what the game was about (since GOG decided to not even link it on that page... (y)), so hit up google. First two results of mine were for this... which would've been interesting for GOG to be giving away! :D

However, for anyone else in my same boat, this is actually what it is lol - "Soma is a science fiction survival horror video game developed and published by Frictional Games"
Made by the same dev who made the Penumbra and Amnesia (1 & 2) series.

Friend likes these sorts of games, so I'll pass it along to her! (provided she hasn't played it yet...)
Thanks Cagey :)
It's an excellent game that I just beat on safe mode before GOG gave it for free (did it for the story & exploration not the jump scares). I absolutely loved it. Probably great for those that love to play horror games in stealth, too (but I can't provide such advice for it).
Not free as of now.... dec 30

However, earlier today I bought SOMA for $4.49 or whatever it was so it was basically free.

One less ChickFila sandwich for me haha
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