Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Yes, the company DICE of Battlefield fame is hiring VR people for a small team. This got me excited because they make the engine for Mirror's Edge, Dragon's Age, etc. Think there might be something VR in our future?

Johan Andersson's tweet looking for talent.

Jobs listings at DICE
Jobs - DICE
Seems inline with other things I'm hearing... Looks like studios are not in a big hurry to get VR games to market right now, they are slowly gearing up, probably for next gen.
Well we don't have the video card horsepower to run really great looking games yet. I think we need 3x the power that we have today to get a good experience without turning most eye candy off. It will be a long time before we see something like The Witcher 3 with HairWorks and all the other options on without a single dip below 120Hz. For developers like DICE and Crytek that push the graphical envelope, that has to be infuriating. Crytek's VR game looks alright though. People would scoff at it and declare the end of Crytek if it wasn't a VR title.
My 1550 MHz Titan-X's are barely even used with current content.
You think they could handle something like The Witcher 3 with all the eye candy turned on in a VR setting @120Hz?
I'm saying middle ground. There is a huge expanse between Witcher 3 graphics and the Nintendo 64 graphics of current VR games.
Yes, this is very true. That's why I was saying that we need more powerful cards to run what's available currently on a VR headset. I agree that the current graphics look like Nintendo 64. Nobody in my family has gotten excited about VR yet because of this. My nephew even has a Samsung Gear and never bothered to mention it once in passing. He gave it to his 8 year old.
It will definitely take some time for better graphics, hopefully Pascal and Polaris will be the first step towards that...