SN21G5 high-end graphics cards that fit without modding


Limp Gawd
Sep 7, 2004
I'm looking to buy an Shuttle SN21G5 now that my SN95G5 is dead. I have a perfectly working ATI All-in-Wonder x800XT in there, but it's not compatible with the PCI-E slot in the SN21G5.

Specificially I am looking for a single slot card(card and fan takes up one slot and fits in SN21G5 case). I have my eyes set on ATI's x850, x1800, and x1900 series cards. I am interested in the xt and platinum editions, but I have no idea which manufacturers make single slot versions of these cards. Also I am interested if the system's power supply could hnadle one of thos cards plus two 7200rpm, DVD-rw drive, and Athlon 64 chip.
I have been researching some single slot solutions and found the All-in-Wonder x1900. does anyone have experience with this card or similar with the SN21G5? Can the default 250W PSU of the SN21G5 handle the All-in-Wonder x1900, Athlon 64 single core or dual core CPU, two 7200rpm hard drives, DVD-RW drive, and 1GB RAM?
wait for the X1950Pro come October. it will be single slot, so it'll fit in the SN21G5. the stock 250w psu should be enough but if you want to be on the safe side, upgrade to the 300w one.
If you would consider NVIDIA - their new 7950GT is an excellent single slot solution for $300
I did see that card. I also noticed there are two silent passively cooled 7950gt cards available or soon to be available(one by MSI and one by XFX). I want to see the benchmarks, especially power/wattage usage, before I decide. I may just go with the x1950 since supposedly it is priced at $200. That's $100 cheaper than any of the 7950gt cards currently.
a few months ago i was building my new system and i was looking at the same shuttle pc case. same problem. i was worried that a decent video card wouldn't be able to fit in the case, the sales people at fry's said no card other than one specially made for the case would fit.

in the end i opted for a tower so i wouldnt have to sacrifice a decent video card.
The sales people at Frys or any retailler are usually fucking morons. They just tell you what they think would make you buy more of their high-priced products. There are no "special" video cards for shuttles, just make sure it is a single slotter (like yoshi is looking for). As long as it is not rediculously long or has heatpipes, it should fit perfectly.

Now, back to the video card thing... The 7950 is good, has some info on the passive XFX version. Obviously, the heatpipes will not allow it to fit... So the EVGA looks like a great option: It has the same heatsink as the KO editions of the lower series cards, so it should run much cooler than a 7900GT. The price isn't bad either.