Slime Rancher Is Getting a Free VR Update and Collector's Edition


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Slime Rancher is one of the highest rated games on Steam as it currently has a 95% rating. Developer Monomi Park has announced that the game is getting a free VR update later this year. The free VR Playground DLC will allow gamers to use their VR headsets and wands to vac, feed, and play with slimes like never before! If your kids *cough* are really into the colorful cuteness of the Slime Rancher experience, consider getting a physical collector's edition copy with a slimepedia manual for only $80.

Experience the Adorable Slimes of Slime Rancher--in VR! For the last couple of months we've been working with VR Studio, 3lb Games, to create a fun, new way to experience the Far, Far Range! We're really excited to announce that you will be able to play with some of your favorite slimes in our free VR Playground DLC!