Slim blu-ray burners?


Aug 4, 2004
I'm in the market for a slim (laptop style) blu-ray burner for my ESXi hosts. Is 6x pretty much their limit? I've got a LG WH14NS40 that has been fantastic in my old host, but I'm transitioning to a couple Dell R710's that I got from work for free... so a 5.25" drive obviously doesn't work. Seems like the pickings for the slimline models are pretty limited.

I've got a Panasonic UJ-240 coming from eBay to see how it works. I will need to order another for the second host... unless there is a more recommended one. Really, I just need a Blu-Ray ROM, but the prices seem to be pretty much the same either way, so for an extra $10-15 I'll have the ability to burn to Blu-Ray media... if I ever need to.
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Well.. got the drive in and it seems to work.. just slower. However, during my testing with AnyDVDHD Blu Rays work fine.. DVDs are another matter. AnyDVDHD keeps giving me RPC2 errors when I put a disk in. That's not going to work since we still pick up DVD's for the kids and movies I'm not really worried about quality (chick flicks for the wife mainly :p ).

Guess I'll order an LG BT30N and give that one a shot since my 5.25" LG drive works without any issues... just won't fit in an R710 server :(.
Thought I would update this for anyone else looking.. the BT30N seems to be working fine for my ripping needs. Definitely slower than my old full size drive. AnyDVD recognizes both DVD and BluRay disks in it. I'll have to watch to order another one (the vendor was out of stock by the time this one arrived) since I'm trying to keep the hardware identical between the two VMWare hosts.